Concert Review: Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour 2011 – Malaysia


The show went on more like a normal concert after the first quarter, but better, mainly due to the visuals and lightings specially made for the tour. Cheung only talked to the crowd after the whole musical part was done. He said that he was afraid that we wouldn’t understand the musical, hence epilogues were added onto the visuals just in case. He took the time to clarify that most of the songs in the first half would be unfamiliar and promised the audience his classic hits would be sung later on.

The next quarter of the show was the up-tempo part where he sang and danced to a number of rocked up songs, some old and some I hadn’t really heard before. My favourite number of the night was definitely “Wen Bie” (Kiss Goodbye). This time it’s performed hard rock style, at a faster tempo. Massive lasers and colourful lighting effects were utilised during the song. It was probably the best live rendition of the title I’ve ever seen. It got me pumped up like the rest of audience. Cheung also briefly shown his life and career story through an adorable set of comic strips shown on the big screen while performing a song.

Cheung ended second quarter of the show with “Yue Ba Nu Qie“, a tribute to the late big time senior in the Hong Kong entertainment and godmother, Lydia Shum. It was a lively and light-hearted performance with dancers wearing Shum masks and a gigantic Shum statue on stage. He did a split at the final beat of the song. After that, he advised the crowd not try doing the split if they’re around his age because it’d be really difficult to get back up without help. It was impressive how considerably flexible he was for his age. Heck, even I can’t do the splits at literally half his age. And not to mention, he actually did improve on his dancing, something so obvious that even he was proud to mention about it. This indicates just how much effort he was still putting in to entertain his fans.


I randomly ate an apple during my concert some years ago and discovered it was really good for my throat. Since I’m unwell, maybe having an apple now may help. I hope you all won’t misunderstand me for disrespecting you by eating during the show.

The band and myself weren’t in our 100 perfect condition but we really gave our best. Tonight’s the final show here in Malaysia and I really wanted to give a 100 percent performance but unfortunately I couldn’t, please forgive me for that.

Indeed it wasn’t the 50 year old’s best vocal performance, probably the worst I’ve heard from him, and the songs picked weren’t as spot on as the previous tour. However, a bad performance from THE Jacky Cheung is still, without a doubt, way better than any of the artistes of the newer generations. It was truly an awesome, colourful 3-hour plus concert. Cheung was incredibly professional and emotional; I swear I saw him tearing while singing some of his sad songs. How one can perform songs so seemingly sincere and truthful just amazes me. Jacky Cheung Half Century Tour 2011 is one of the best examples of what makes a great live music concert. Yes, he’s reached the half century mark of his age, but I sure hope he’ll still go on performing at least until a worthy God of Songs successor arises in Hong Kong.

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  1. Jay W

    i watched him on his 2nd night. i couldn't even tell he was sick. he did mention that he wasn't in his best form but i thought it was the most amazing concert i've been to, audio-wise. so i was pretty surprised to read that you thought the sound management of this concert was bad. for me, this concert had the best audio reproduction ever.

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