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Mixed Martial Arts MMA Fist with hand Wraps

MuayFit MMA Studio is one of the few one-stop martial arts fitness centre in Malaysia, located at 3 Two Square in Petaling Jaya, Selangor (less than 10 minutes walk from Digital Mall Section 14). I gotten a free one-month membership at the Mayhem 2: Hell in the Cage event and gave a try. After just a three weeks, I lost a couple of pounds. But I wasn’t that concerned about losing weight. It’s the martial art techniques I wanted gain. Satisfied with what I had experienced there in that month, I’m now signed up as a long-term member.

Muay Fit Malaysia Martial Arts 3 Two Square PJ

Muay Fit offers a variety martial art and other kinds of fitness classesMuay Thai (kids, beginner and advanced), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Capoeira, Krav Maga, Systema, Urban Warrior, Step Aerobics, Yoga, and Dragon Chi Kung. They had Wing Chun too but apparently the trainer left. Members can attend every session available on schedule, without limit. Unfortunately, I’m only free to attend the Muay Thai, MMA, and Capoeira classes every week. Students will have to keep updated with the schedule because Facebook is the only way they inform the members about the changes. Heck, they haven’t even updated the schedule on their official website. But one thing for sure, they are closed on public holidays so heads up.

The gym, for now, is not a huge place. There are times when it’s really crowded causing a
massive lack of space to do trainings properly. But it ain’t that bad and hopefully it won’t get any worse. They also provide lockers to be borrowed for free but they are really limited. It’s not really needed anyway unless you have very valuable things to keep. There’s also a water cooler too but may need to queue up to take drink at drink times. No gender-separated toilets and no bathroom, in case you’re wondering. Would be great if they have that as well. They also do not have weight-training facilities but apparently they will have it soon when they expand the place. I would certainly be very pleased if it’s open to all members without extra charge. The floor tiles are horrible. A little while of constant friction would definitely hurt your skin. They acknowledge this and recently had the floor covered some jigsaw mats. But it’s not really that great either when there’s friction against the skin.

Muay Thai

Muay Fit Muay Thai beginner class

The Thai martial art has, perhaps, the highest demand at MuayFit. It is the only one with classes everyday. There are separated sessions for kids, beginners and advanced. The one hour sessions are quite an intensive, even for the beginner class. The workouts never fails to burn me out at the end of the class. The only thing I dislike about it is that its classes on weekdays are at 7pm because it’s quite a rush for working adults like myself to make it in time.

Muay Thai may not be very technical but it’s very powerful and practical striking martial art. It’s advisable to wear gloves or hand wraps during the sessions otherwise you may injure your knuckles and wrists from punching the pads. I bought a pair of hand wraps (Twins brand) for RM50 from Muay Fit after getting a cut on my knuckle during my first class. There are definitely abs exercises on every session to strengthen the stomach area for it is one of the most exposed body parts in the Muay Thai fighting stance.


There are a few different trainers for the Muay Thai at MuayFit. I’ve only been attending David and Adan’s beginner classes. Sometimes I’ll get confused with the techniques ’cause they both have their own techniques for certain moves. In my opinion, David is very good at teaching the basics to pure beginners whereas Adan has a more extreme style of training, focusing on getting students to get down with intensive cardio, abs, and striking exercises. I’ve never failed to get abdominal and shoulder sores on the following day and that’s a sign of a good workout, I believe.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Muay Fit MMA Mixed Martial Arts Class with Pete Pistol Davis

The instructor for the MMA sessions of Muay Fit is none other than the former UKMMA Welterweight Champion, Pete “The Pistol” Davies. He is also known to me as the lead actor of the local film Sell Out! I only found out about his background when I saw him judging at Mayhem 2. I’m still wondering why MuayFit didn’t market themselves by highlighting his face and name. He is one handsome and friendly man. I’m sure if the girls know about him, they’d attend the MMA classes just to drool at him. He’d usually extend his 2 hour classes a little to let students gain experiencing by having them to spar in his watch. That just shows how genuinely passionate he is.

These classes allow me to train with some actual MMA fighters – pretty cool, I know. However, the exercises and warm-up stretches are quite heavy. My muscles, especially my thighs’, ached for a few days before getting adapted to the drills. Peter Davies prefers to teach students more take down and grappling submission techniques than striking. This is very good for those who want to incorporate their stand-up fighting skills to ground fighting techniques. Don’t attend this class if you have a problem with getting into awkward positions with another person.

Muay Fit MMA Mixed Martial Arts Class


I had always wanted to learn this Brazilian martial art ever since I seen the movie “Only the Strong” when I was a kid. I attended the class hoping to learn how to do somersaults and back flips but what Hafiz, the trainer, teaches are the more basic moves. The cool thing here is that instead of just learning how to “ginga“, dodge and kick, students will also get to learn the music and how to play the Capoeira game in the “roda” as well. I think I am getting pretty good at it already plus, I got a chance to play the drums recently during one of the sessions.

The weird thing about the class is that Hafiz starts the drills before doing some serious stretching (which was probably the reason why my calf cramped in the first two times I attended the class). Due to consistent friction, doing the ginga may cause one’s feet’ skin to peel, especially it’s done throughout the session on the actual floor of Muay Fit instead of the jigsaw mats. It’s quite painful, no joke. My lower spine hurts at times too during class as doing the ginga requires one to bend the upper body down a little. Compared to Muay Thai and MMA, however, Capoeira is a more relaxed and less intense.

Muay Fit Malaysia Martial Arts

After hearing that they will be offering wrestling, Brazillian Jiu-jitsu and MMA Conditioning classes soon, I was glad that I signed up while the membership fee is still low. To date, the price for one session is RM30 whereas the price for 2 years membership is only RM62/month (with 2% interest free for credit card instalment). You cannot pay for one specific class monthly but they do offer private personal training at a different price. Personally, I felt that 2 years is too risky to commit so I took the 8 months deal instead, which only cost RM700. But there’s certainly no other martial arts gym that come as affordable as MuayFit.

After learning for a certain period of time, you might feel that you
could discontinue and just practice at home ’cause it’s not like there are new things to learn in every class. However, it’s fun training with a group of people and meeting strangers. Most of the members are very friendly, patient and encouraging (but of course, there are some who are… err.. let’s just say they’re insecure). Besides, it’s not like you could practice Capoeira and MMA by yourself at home. And members get rare opportunities to train with real professional fighters like the URCC featherweight champion, Eric Kelly, who came to Muay Fit take Peter Davies‘ place for a weekend to share his knowledge, techniques and experience. Even UFC legend Frank Shamrock will be coming next year to give a few pointers so it’s really better to be a member if you love MMA.

Muay Fit, to me, is a more fun, interesting, and enjoyable way to keep fit compared to jogging or exercising at a common fitness gym. Every since I joined, I look forward to attending classes almost everyday to offload some stress from work. I have become from not knowing anything at all about MMA to knowing how to defend myself a little now.

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  1. samo

    Nice review!

    It's nice to see Muayfit is adding more varieties to their programs. But what happened to their weight training facilities?

    I went to their trial lessons more than a year ago, that time they only offer one program: Muay Thai, and is located at the 4th floor of the current location, but the old location had a dedicated weight training area with free weight station and a few gym equipment, like they showed on their website (which is not updated):

  2. Curious

    Hi, I'm looking for (more) reviews about Muayfit. Does anyone or do you know others who joined and have general comments about whether to sign up long-term here?

    I heard (and seen one lesson) of Muay Thai being more cardio and less techniques. But that's okay, just curious about the place, its facilities, trainers, etc. as a whole.


  3. Post

    @Curious I've been at MuayFit for almost 7 months now and most of the trainers there are awesome people. Unfortunately, they do in fact focus more on cardio than techniques. Especially Muay Thai where they don't even introduce sparring. They're so-called intermediate or level 2 classes are basically the same – basics for beginners.

    Don't get me wrong, I did learn a lot when I just joined in but I'm not longer improving as much as I had. I'm coming to the end of my membership now and I'm considering to either take up personal training or just train on my own 'cause the stuffs they teach at group classes are getting repetitive.

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