Interview – Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev, pro MMA fighter

Allamurad Karayev Pretty Boy Malaysia MMA

Malaysia-based professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev caught the attentions of many after dominating the local MMA events like Mayhem 2 and the Malaysian Fighting Championship (MFC) series but when people searched his name up on the internet, not much info could be found. Therefore I figured an interview with the undisputed Mayhem Pro-AM Featherweight champion would be great for his fans to read up online.

The promising, explosive and confident young prodigy from MuayFit has not lost a single fight thus far in his career (not to mention about winning most of them in first rounds by TKO or submissions) and is, without question, one of the most feared MMA fighters in Malaysia today. Outside of the cage, however, Allamurad Karayev is not quite the scary merciless tormentor that he seems to be when he’s fighting. He’s actually a very friendly, humble and approachable person. I believe I wouldn’t have dared to ask him for an interview if he wasn’t. The “Pretty Boy” also smiles a lot and has a fun personality that could fish chicks like a playboy.

Allamurad Karayev Pretty Boy Malaysia MMA
All photos credit to MuayFit.

Let’s start with a little introduction. Tell us about who you are, where are you from, what do you do and so on. 

“My name is Allamurad, 20 years old, from Turkmenistan, currently living in Malaysia. I’m an MMA fighter from Muay Fit and so far, I had 12 fights including one professional MMA fight, no losses.”

How did your nickname ‘Pretty Boy’ came about?
“The nickname came from err… My name is quite long and not everybody remembered it so the people who did said things like, ‘I’m going for training with Allamurad,’ ‘Who’s Allamurad?’ ‘That guy there, the pretty-pretty boy there,’ ‘Oh yeah-yeah, that pretty boy!’ That’s where the nickname came from. (laughs) It’s a random thing.”

You hold an impressive 12-0 record. How did you learn how to fight so well?
“I started training Muay Thai back in my country Turkmenistan. I learnt from my brother, he’s an MMA coach. I learnt from him when we came to Malaysia. Then I trained in many gyms before coming to Muay Fit. I’ve been training here at MuayFit for almost a year with the fighters here. Some times I’ll follow other fighters and friends to their gyms but I train mainly at MuayFit.”

Why do you want to be a fighter? What inspires you?
“Ah… okay. (paused with a smile) I started out just for fun. Training, training, training, then my coach told me that I have the talent to be a fighter. I started joining competitions and win, win, win. That motivated me to be a fighter. I’m trying to fight for a few years and see how it goes.”

What do you do besides martial arts?
“I just finished my international business study so yeah, all I do now is train and help fighters, and concentrate on my own training as well.”

What are your long-term future plans?

“Ah, future plans? Not sure. Maybe do some business since I did my international business degree. Not only fighting. But let’s see first. I can’t predict. Most of the fighters have a good future in fighting so I don’t really know. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe do business, maybe something else. I plan to start my fighting career here.”

Who is your favourite martial artist?
“My favourite martial artist is Fedor Emelianenko. He’s a Russian MMA fighter. He was the best fighter of the planet. Many times, he won Combat Sambo World Championship and Pride Heavyweight Championship. He’s my best fighter.”

The common boxing, Muay Thai and MMA fighting stance are the orthodox and southpaw stances. What are your opinions on Bruce Lee’s fighting style with the stance of having the stronger hand and leg in front?
“Umm… I respect all other martial arts but I believe for MMA, the best is the mixture of boxing and Muay Thai for striking, and the mixture of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and wrestling for ground game. I’m not really familiar with traditional martial arts. All I know is boxing, Muay Thai, ground game, and all that stuff.”

Many pro MMA fighters say that MMA skills is not completely useful for self-defense on the streets. If 10 guys with knives surround you and a female friend, what would you do?
“That is a really hard question. (laughs) 10 people with knives. Yeah, I would say to them, ‘Guys, if you have balls, just put away your knives and just come to me. Or if you have real balls, just fight one on one. Come to the Malaysian Fighting Championship (MFC), we solve the problem inside of the cage.”

But what if they’re not err… how to say this, what if they’re not educated enough to understand that and just want to harass your friend and attack you? How would you react? 

“Ah… (paused with yet another smile) Of course the most important thing is to protect the female friend. I don’t know. Maybe I’d try to fight and take away one knife to knock out one of them. Maybe they’d get scared. I really don’t know what to say about this but of course if I could escape the fight and run away with no problem, don’t fight outside. If there’s any problem, solve it in the cage.”

What are your advice to beginners who wishes to fight in the cage? Are MuayFit classes enough to make someone a good fighter?
“My advice for them is, if they want to fight in MMA, learn Muay Thai or whatever they want from real fighters. Fighters that have experience. I believe if you want to learn combat sports, you can’t learn from someone who has never fought before. So come to Muay Fit, learn from Arnaud “The Game” Lepont, and learn from Eric Kelly, learn from fighters, real fighters. That is my advice. Coming to MuayFit is enough because you’d learn a lot even from normal classes. Many fighters come here and teach. They are experienced, they know how to apply, what’s right and what’s wrong. Classes is good to share your experience. You can try to train with different guys, with a tall guy, a small guy. At other gyms, even in overseas, most of the fighters all train together. When we want to get ready for a fight, we’d do group training. Like for my last fight, I was training with Arnaud, Isamu “2.0” Himura, my good friend Samir who’s teaching BJJ in Ampang.”

Tell us about your next fight.
“My next fight will be at MFC4 (Malaysian Fighting Championship 4).

Which weight class will you be fighting in?

“I think I weigh 57kg.”

57?! That’s way below bantamweight.
“Yeah and they haven’t officially announced my opponent but I heard that he’s 5kg heavier than me. I hope I can win.”

I’m sure you’ll have no problem. All the best in your fight. That would be all from me today. Thank you very much for your time.
“Thank you. (smiled in relief)”

I would like thank Allamurad Karayev once again for the opportunity to interview him. “Pretty Boy” will be participating in the next Malaysian Fighting Championship (MFC4) on the 25th of February 2012 presumably in Puchong or Kuala Lumpur.

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