Looking for Rooms in KL?

Well then look no further ’cause here’s decent website for you browse for your ideal room for rent. Introducing iBilik (www.ibilik.my) – the online page where people can easily search for short and long term accommodations; be it a house, apartment or just a room. Bet you’re wondering why it sounds so familiar. That’s probably ’cause you’ve seen some of their advertisements around before (like the taxis below).

iBilik, formerly known as CariBilik, is basically like the simplified version of PropWall and iProperty but specialising only at properties to let. The layout is so plain and user-friendly, it’s easily the most favourable website to use amongst the three if short or long term rentals. Users can browse for rooms, houses, apartments or even bungalows (banglo) in specific areas of any states in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Race, gender, couple and single preference can also be set at the
convenience of users when browsing. Details and images (if posted by the
owner) are of course available on the profiles of the properties
available on search results. The price, email address and contact numbers are listed on
the profiles as well for direct contact. Needless to register
what-so-ever. The best example of a
great profile would be ones with high definition pictures and detailed information about provided
furnitures, utilities and facilities, what’s around the area (shops, restaurants, public transport, etc) and also directions to get to the
property instead of just embedding Google Map. There are some who are too lazy to post sufficient information as well. Since they don’t seem desperate enough, I’d suggest you not to give these bums any business or even trust.

Registered users can advertise their properties to be rented out, or to post up to ask if there’s any place to rent at the specific price and area. Registration is completely free, no hidden fees at all. Registration process is simple as well. All you have to do is enter your preferred available username, email address, password and voila, you’re registered.

iBilik is one website that I can’t really criticise, really. There are already more than 42 thousand room profiles posted on the page. There are budget ones, overpriced ones, nice ones, ugly ones, affordable ones, decent ones, basically almost everything that someone who wants to rent a place would definitely want to browse through. How reliable are the source, you asked? Well then it’s not up iBilik, it’s up to the owners to post up on the website.

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