UFO Desserts & Drinks @ SS2, PJ

UFO Dessert SS2 Syscall Beeping UFO
The Beeping UFO at UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2

Type: Taiwanese desserts, snacks and beverages
Location: No.86, Jalan SS2/60, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Price range: RM3.00 – RM6.50
Loyalty card: Yes
Contact: ufodesserts@gmail.com
Open hours: 10am – 11pm (presumably)
Car park: Outside, roadside, all around SS2
WIFI: n/a
Website: Facebook

UFO Desserts Drinks SS2
Clockwise from top left – Ocha-Ocha (RM6.00); Soya Ice Series with Ai-yu Jelly (RM4.50); QQ Balls Series with Pearls, Glutinous Balls & Ai-yu Jelly (RM6.00); small cup of milk (free); Soya Ice Series with Pearls, Ai-yu Jelly & QQ Balls (RM6.00). Centre – UFO Milk Tea (RM3.50)

UFO Desserts Drinks SS2
UFO Milk Tea (RM3.50) and Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly (RM4.00)

UFO Desserts Drinks SS2
Clockwise from top left – Cheese Hot Dog (RM5.00); Chicken Fillet (RM6.00); QQ Balls Series with Red Beans, Crystal Pearl & Ocha Balls (RM6.00); Soya Ice Series with Ocha Balls & double QQ Balls (RM6.00).

UFO Desserts Drinks SS2
The UFO Desserts & Drinks outlet in SS2 PJ

Verdict: Unoriginal and untasty. Customers can choose specifically from a variety of toppings for the dessert series they want but most of the stuffs taste cheap. The pearls are poor, the balls are plain (laughs), and if you picked a bad combination of toppings for the series you chose, brace yourself for a weird serving. The snacks are done with heavy seasoning and don’t let me start on their beverages. UFO Desserts & Drinks SS2 is the worst Taiwanese desserts & drinks copycat outlet I’ve been to thus far. There’s a reason why Snowflake only offer desserts while Chatime only serve beverages you know? Specialisation.

Favourite: Chicken Fillet (RM6.00) – Not that great but it’s the best thing I tasted there. Wait a second, this ain’t even a Taiwanese dessert or beverage!

Least favourite: All the Taiwanese desserts they serve, particularly their Soya Ice Series. The toppings taste below average standard and drastic improvements are required on the series. Start by working on the signature item first. RM4.50 – RM6.00 ain’t cheap for poor desserts ya know?

Most unusual: Nothing is original. The coolest thing they have is probably their Beeping UFO, which is not edible. Oh wait, that’s not an original concept either.

Rating: 0.5 / 5

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  1. Psylancer

    Rip Off to the max yea? Hahahaha… lucky I'm not a Snowflake fan either, and I vow to keep my Chatime intake to the minimum this year, too mainstream hoho

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