The BCard Experience

So I went to Borders and bought myself a book that costs RM111.80 but paid only RM11.80. Shocking, isn’t it? How come, you asked? ‘Cause I paid the rest with the available reward points on my Bcard.

Bcard reward system

Logged on to the Bcard official website to check how much points I had. I could had checked it through the SMS method following the instructions behind the card as well but it’d cost 30 cents. The total reward points I had was 10,000. One Bcard point is equivalent to one cent, hence I had RM100 worth of Bpoints to burn and used it on the book I was purchasing.

The cashier was quite clueless when I said I want to redeem partially using the Bcard. I didn’t blame her, Bcard is considerably new. The other staff that was around saw the card, took it and swiped it through a device before asking me to enter my six digit card pin code. I gladly did so and just told her that I want use all of the points and top-up with cash. She then gave me a Bcard invoice for authorisation signature. The whole process is almost like using a credit card. And that was why I only had to pay so little for the book. BonusLink pretty much sucks compared to Bcard.

The accumulated Bpoints were collected from spending and swiping at Bcard participating outlets. See the image below for the list (to date). The expiry date of the points is 36 months after issuance (first in, first out).

Click to enlarge image.

There’s a Bcard Swipe & Win contest going on now where the highest spender and most frequent “swiper” with Bcard may walk away with grand prize holiday packages and weekly 10, 000 Bpoints.

Bcard requires no annual fee and also lets customers to choose to redeem exclusive items through Bcard Online Redemption at instead of redeeming at the partner merchants. If you’re interested in getting your Bcard, apply now for free at any of the Bcard participating outlets. After you got the card, don’t forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on for more details.

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