Get LYNAS the fuck out of Malaysia

Stop Lynas Save Malaysia

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  1. colourless opinions™

    @HildaMilda I'm not sure if you noticed but;

    1) Lynas will be given 12 years of tax exemption.
    2) The reason behind Australia not allowing it to be built there and why our fantastic government want it.
    3) Can we rely on our brilliant government to ensure that it'll be safe? They couldn't even handle Bersih 2.0 rally properly.
    4) Most of the stuffs stated on that website were never made in Malaysia so why should we risk it?

  2. Eric Lee Huangshi

    actually i think if they were really to allow it, they shouldn't exempt it from tax, i think they should EVEN impose a higher tax. Australia already had one plant and look what happened to that area? I wouldn't mind if the plant was handled with extreme caution and care. But looking at what the Australian government can't do, what will ours can do? It's true that we should believe in Malaysia and all that but look at our country. For example, PROTON. Many people had initially think Malaysia could not have their own national car. And then we have Proton and now Perodua as well. After all these years, I can dare say, our national cars are only locally assembled. TILL TODAY, we are not able to produce an engine which is the core of the car and our country kept taking other manufacturers' old or rejected engine models. SO frankly speaking, no, I don't think we have our national car YET. A car manufacturer need dews years of development and also losses before they can come out with a sellable car. Our country skipped these stuff and opt to buy engines is because they can't wait to earn money and do the short cut. They just cover up their failure with something superficial. Same thing here. Can I trust this government who failed to produce our own engine for over 20 years in the industry to handle this rare earth plant which is new to them? NO, i cannot trust them

  3. colourless opinions™

    Totally agree with you, Eric. But we actually do not need to look as far as that. Just look at the controversies in the past few months are enough to justify why we just cannot accept LYNAS to be on our land.

    Simply put, just not at our backyard, please.

  4. Psylancer

    Just to troll around, will this and the Thai bumi status further cripple the government chances during the next GM, or are they not as imbecile as most thought they were?

  5. Eric Lee Huangshi

    haha the reason i take proton as example is because even after 20 years, they still can't really do it properly. 20 years is damn hell long period of time and even China can produce their own engine already and we still toying around with ppl's reject stuff…and true, recent months, too many screwed up as well…the dumb shit government should at least finish what they started 20 plus year ago rather than going on another risky business which also putting the lives of the citizen here…Najib say Lynas can guarantee the safety of their plant but why still no confidence in Australia? summore Malaysia is such a small country and the people definitely easier to be affected

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