AXE Malaysia launches Anarchy for both sexes

AXE Anarchy 2012 Fragrance Deodorant Launch Publika Mont Kiara Hartamas

Anarchy – the latest deodorant body spray product from AXE (or Lynx), was introduced in Malaysia last Thursday and for the very first time ever, there’s a limited-edition version for the girls as well. The male grooming product brand, widely known for their sexually appealing and controversial boom-chicka-wow-wow commercials (ones you may never see on local mainstream media), had the short but compelling media launch event for their new fragrance at MAP Publika Hartamas KL with a little play on stage.

The hot and sexy Dr. Sasha, the creator of the AXE Anarchy (presumably a fictional character), came onto the stage panicked during the launch and explained that 1,000 of her top secret experimental Anarchy cans have been stolen and distributed here in Malaysia. Besides showing a video recording of the incident, she also gave a live demonstration of what could happen when the Anarchy are used. Immediately after she sprayed the deodorant around, all the men and women nearby got randy, paired up with an opposite and started making out and undressing each other a bit on stage.

AXE Anarchy Deodorant Fragrance For Him Men and For Her Women

Feared that this may cause uncontrollable chaos, Dr. Sasha asked the local public to assist in retrieving the stolen cans. The top five people who manages to find the most of them will be in the running to win rewards and prizes such as a five-star island vacation for two, a Tag Heuer watch, a Sony home theater system, an iPhone 4S or an XBox Kinect. To participate in this Top 1,000 Secret Cans Contest, simply purchase the Anarchy For Him or For Her and scan the cans’ Quick Response (QR) code here to find if its one of the cans. Please be informed that it may require a smartphone camera or webcam to do the scanning.

I personally like the scent of the Anarchy compared to the Pulse and the Dark Temptation that were given to me at the AXE Tribunal Court event last year. They smell less cheap and common, I’d say. The retail price of AXE Anarchy For Him and For Her is RM16.90 each.

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