DiGi will be the first to offer LTE in Malaysia

Digi Fandroid Day Android Fans Unite

It was DiGi Fandroid Day Workshop last Saturday and during the event, DiGi‘s Lau Su Lin, reassured everyone that DiGi will be the first mobile service provider to provide LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless broadband service in Malaysia. The Head of Marketing Services said that users can expect download speed of at least 4Mbps on their LTE-supported devices even in a busy areas. This is only one of the benefits that DiGi customers will be able to enjoy from “The Tomorrow Network” project. The Malaysian mobile service provider will also be expanding the High Speed Internet Coverage (3G & EDGE) to cover 95.8% of the country.

Lau is convinced that soon, everyone will need larger data plans, perhaps even higher than 3GB download cap a month. She also added that DiGi still is working on the costs and packages. However, no dates were given on when it will all be ready except that upgrades have already begun.

The event was held at the studio of DiGi Telecommunication‘s new office “D’ House” in Shah Alam. There were also other presentations given by Google Malaysia‘s James Yeang and Samsung‘s Leonard Kee. Yeang showed off the cool new features and apps on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. He also explained that the some of the current Google apps aren’t available in Malaysia is because of there were green lights from neither the government nor the content licensing rights holders. Kee, on the other hand, gave a brief introduction on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab.

All three of the individuals talks were very much co-related, emphasising one main point – DiGi and Samsung are prepared to provide all Google Android technology advances.

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  1. Nath

    3GB is more than enough for your phone, I got 12GB a month in SG and I only bomb my bill once for using is as internet connection to download movies to my laptop LMAO other times I used less than 1GB a month purely 100% mine without tapping into hotspot/local line

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