Facekara Karaoke @ Viva Home KL

Facekara Karaoke Box KTV Viva Home Kuala Lumpur

Facekara is a karaoke box (KTV) located on the 3rd floor of Viva Home (Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur). The first impression it gave me wasn’t positive at all. The environment, interior design & furnitures look a little dodgy, just like the typical low budget karaoke box you can find at places such as Ampang Park Mall and Summit Shopping Complex. The only difference is that it felt more hygienic & it didn’t smell. But I’m sure it would, eventually, if they didn’t at least change their cushioned sofas to leather sofas soon.

When I checked into the place on Foursquare, all the Tips were rather interesting to read. They’re mainly complaints about their regretful experience at Facekara. And I have to say I agree with most of them. Compared to the big players, namely Red Box & Neway, the sound system & the ambiance of Facekara were indeed not up to standards. It certainly didn’t seem that they’ve updated their system with new songs too. On their “latest song” list, I saw some titles from the 90s. As though that wasn’t bad enough, they also didn’t have sufficient classic oldies. They even had less than 20 songs by The Beatles for me choose. I was like, “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?! You don’t even have ‘Yesterday’?!” That’s quite unacceptable, even if their main target market were Malays and Chinese-song hunters.

Facekara Karaoke Box KTV Viva Home Kuala Lumpur

However, I was quite surprised with their unique concept and great offers. They have small, medium, large, VIP and VVIP rooms. One of the large rooms has a pretty good view of the city while the VVIP rooms have projected visuals. Their food menu is impressive. Although I didn’t get to taste them all, but the variety sure is broad and the promotions are very attractive. A bucket of beer, costs RM50 to RM65 depending on which brand, entitles four pax for free three hours of karaoke. Set lunch – RM9.90 and set dinner – RM14.90; entitlement to free unlimited singing hours. There are also “buy one hour free one hour” and “buy two hours free one hour” promotion going on now. And all these promotions are offered on any day of the week. For the price list of non-promotional packages, please go here.

The unique concept I mentioned is the recording element they have. They weren’t kidding with the tagline “broadcast you to the world”. In every room, there’s a webcam installed right above the television. Registered members can record their singing, review their performance on the members section of Facekara‘s website, and conveniently share the videos on Facebook. Members also have the privileges to use their membership card (Facecard) like a Touch ‘n Go card for bill settlement and redeem loyalty points like a Bcard. Not to mention about the 10-20% discounts on any of their bills.

Facekara Karaoke Box KTV Viva Home Kuala Lumpur

The song menu interface allows customers to order their food and beverages from there as well. The other smart thing about it is that both English & Chinese are labeled on buttons. Not sure if it has the functions to randomise or rearrange the turn of the songs picked though. Guess I should’ve looked for the remote control.

Facekara certainly deserves to be given a chance to improve. After all, they’ve just opened last year. According to the Operations Manager, Albert Goh, their services and equipments are being upgraded continuously. I absolutely love their concept
and promotions. I see great potentials. However,
they first need to rectify their reputation and improve the basics that are required to satisfy average customers – better sound system, more song choice & a less dodgy environment. But it has to be very soon or very much later when their short-comings are forgotten. For more details on all their promotions, pricing of food & services and Facecard, please log on to Facekara.com.

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  1. Isaac Tan

    sounds like an affordable karaoke to be at, with a nice setting 🙂 the whole place there is new, so for sure they have a lot of opportunities to get way better

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