Pick-Me-Up Desserts @ Kuchai Lama KL

Pick-Me-Up Scrumptious Desserts & Snacks Kuchai Lama KL
Blueberry Ice with Frozen Yoghurt, Nata De Coco, Pearl, Cornflakes & Toasted Oat toppings (RM8.50; pick only 3 toppings)

Full outlet name: Pick Me Up Scrumptious Desserts and Snacks
Type: Desserts, snacks and beverages
Location: No. 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Price range: RM3.00 – RM12.90
Loyalty card: n/a
Contact: 03-7971 4983
Business hours: Sun-Thurs 12.30pm to 11.30pm, Fri-Sat 12.30pm to 12:30am
Car park: Roadside

Pick-Me-Up Scrumptious Desserts & Snacks Kuchai Lama KL
Clockwise from top left – Tower Shaved Ice (RM12.90 each); Froyo-Ice-Pick (RM5.50 for soft ice cream & RM6.50 for frozen yogurt, pick 3 toppings); Ice Cream Burritos (RM4.50 for original & RM5.50 for mango, banana or Oreo); Nutella French Toast (strawberry, blueberry & peanut, RM5.50 each).

Pick Me Up Scrumptious Desserts & Snacks Kuchai Lama KL
Clockwise from top left – Soya Milk Ice with Grass Jelly, Pearl, Taro Balls, Soft Peanuts & Red Bean (RM6.50); Soft Ice Cream with strawberry, Taro Balls, Crushed Peanut & Pearls (RM7.50); Palm Sugar Ice with Soft Ice Cream, Grass Jelly, Pearl, Taro Balls, Red Bean & Barley (RM6.50); the environment at Pick-Me-Up outlet
Pick Me Up Scrumptious Desserts & Snacks Kuchai Lama KL
Clockwise from top left – Chilli Chic Cheesy Fries (presumably RM8.00); Cheesy Nachos (RM4.50); Chilli Chic Quesadilla (RM8.50); Pick Me Up outlet

Verdict: Surprisingly not too shabby. Among all the other new local try-hard Taiwanese desserts & beverages with snacks outlets that I’ve been to, Pick-Me-Up offers the most number of decent and reasonably priced varieties on menu. Although the cliches cannot match the likes of the big names (e.g; Snowflake & Chatime), the other rather more foreign desserts and snacks they serve suit my taste buds. The only stuffs they lack of are beverage choices.

Favourite: Chilli Chic Cheesy Fries (presumably RM8.00) – Not on the official menu but it’s just absolutely delicious and definitely addictive. And the catalyst of this great dish of snack is not even the fries.

Least favourite: Tower Shaved Ice (RM12.90) – A tall-ass three-layered ice, blended with blueberry, mango and strawberry respectively that comes with Nata De Coco, Pearls, Vanilla Ice Cream and Taro Balls – utterly pointless. Even if I was sharing it with two hot chicks, I’d still won’t find it enjoyable. Difficult to scoop, the ice blended fruits tasted cheap, the toppings are there just because they’re popular, and eating it makes one hell of a mess on the table. Thankfully for them, the new tower of cendol is not on the menu yet. I wouldn’t even want it if the price is for both of them.

Most unusual: Fruit Ice Cream Burritos (RM4.50) – Not fantastic but it’s the first time I’ve ever tried such a fusion snack.

Rating: 3 / 5

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