Suites @ Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL

view on swiss garden high class elegant suite penthouse 33rd floor
The image above is the private balcony view of one of the two penthouses on the 33rd floor, roof top, “Sky Garden” of Swiss-Garden Hotels and Residences. The Suites are now opened at the new wing of Swiss Garden Jalan Pudu Kuala Lumpur, prepared to bring a surreal celebrity-like living comfort to those who could afford it.

swiss garden high class elegant suite penthouse 33rd floor

The one with the balcony is the Bukit Bintang Suite; spanning over 2,300 square feet consisting of five bedrooms. The balcony even has grass, which makes me wonder if they’d mind the customer trimming and digging a hole for a game of mini golf. Well, that’s how the wealthy are, right? Anyway, the other apartment with a walk-in wardrobe is named the Kuala Lumpur Suite; 1,700 square feet with only a bedroom lesser than the other.

Both these elegant majestic penthouses are incredibly spacious despite
having plenty of different rooms around. Not just bedrooms, they have a work room, an
empty room and a AV room as well. Speaking of AV, almost all of the
rooms have a large flat screen television. Other than all that, the
suites also have a mini bar, a fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet
connection and an emergency exit. And if you like the sight of Malaysia‘s capital city, those glass walls can remain uncovered from their curtains. 

swiss garden high class elegant suite penthouse 33rd floor

I didn’t actually get to stay there for a night so I can’t tell you how their services are. However, I can
tell you this – the pictures here don’t do the suites any justice
because they really are superb. There are also many facilities and
restaurants at Swiss-Garden that customers can go for. And needless to ask, there are swimming pool, sauna and gym of course.

With the rates published at RM8,000++ for both of these luxurious suites
(presumably per night), it doesn’t seem any common local would have the
pocket deep enough to pay for it. If you’re already seriously
considering, you’re most likely either from another country or working
for the government. The number’s 03-2141 3333 for enquiries and

swiss garden high class elegant suite penthouse 33rd floor

If you have the dough, you can have the American-style college Fuckfest party you’ve always dreamt of. With the amount of rooms and space these
suites have, it’s perfect! You could even use the empty room as the
smoke-up room. You know what I’m sayin’, mofo? High five! Just kiddin’.
Anyhow, I hope nobody that stays there would fall of the building by
accident. Don’t drink and mess around the balcony, people.

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  1. Merryn

    I believe in your word the photos dont quite do justice as what i see here the suite is quite plain but it's definitely spacious right? It looks spacious.

  2. MichLeong

    My relative stayed there this week when they're down here in KL. Their apartment isn't that bad but the downside is they don't give the residents any free parking spots.

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