We have finally gone dot com

I had always firmly believed that as long as colourless opinions™ have the contents desired by the public, it wouldn’t matter if it doesn’t have its own domain or even how troublesomely long its URL is. But times have changed and any blog or website with a ‘.blogpost.com‘ or whatever at end of the link would negatively affect its credibility and reputation in an instant.Yes, basically even blogs require branding as most people these days “judge a book by its cover”, even the PR and marketing companies that seek for blogs to write about their stuffs.

The troublesome part of changing the URL to a newly purchased domain is all the re-linking of pages on the site, informing all affiliates, re-indexing on search engines, rebuilding the Google Pagerank from N/A, resubmitting the link to online directories and so on. It will definitely take some time before it’s competitive again on search engines. Anyway enough whining, I hereby announce this blog’s new official URL;

Yes, officially it’s with the ‘www’. But it works without it. For those who have linked C.O and is kind enough to update the link to this one, please include the triple ‘w’.
Please do support C.O’s Facebook page by “liking’ it if you haven’t. You may also stalk me, the owner of this new dot com, on Twitter @toninkush. Oh yes, the more amount of likes and followers will make the “cover” much more dashing indeed.
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