Laser Warzone Laser Tag @ IOI Mall Puchong

Laser Warzone IOI Mall Puchong Lockout Laser Tag Game with Nuffnang bloggers

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a year, you might have seen my post about the Laser Warzone blogger games at I-city Shah Alam. Well, Laser Warzone have now moved to IOI Mall in Puchong and have been in business there since January this year. Once again, I was invited to join in for a simple competition with the Nuffnang bloggers to have a taste of the fun that they have to offer.

They do not have as much space as they did at I-city and the battle arena is, of course, not as huge (5, 000 sq ft) but the style, colours and feel are practically still the same, and the environment is less dodgy and more comfortable here. Their laser tag equipments are upgraded. Players now can choose the weapon they want using by pressing the buttons conveniently provided on the guns and there’s also an improved mini screen on the gun the user to view total points scored, current weapon, shield life and so on. The sensor suits are smaller too so it can’t absorb much of the user’s sweat, my point being that the next user of that suit won’t need to suffer as much.

Laser Warzone IOI Mall Puchong Lockout Laser Tag Game with Nuffnang bloggers
The laser tag equipments – the guns and sensor suits all light up and ready to be used.

In conjunction with the release of the film Lockout, RAM Entertainment collaborates with Laser Warzone and came up with a game scenario based on the movie. The rules are fair and simple. Basically, there will be two agents while the rest of the players will be prisoners. The longer the agents stays untagged, the more points the player will obtain. Agents may also collect points from tagging the prisoners. Prisoners cannot gain points at all but the one who tagged the agent will become the next agent and the game goes on like that till the time runs out. It’s every player for themselves, no allies (sounds like the game’s made for me). The one with the higher points wins.

Laser Warzone IOI Mall Puchong Lockout Laser Tag Game with Nuffnang bloggers
Blogger in action in the laser tag arena.

There was once in the game when I managed to tag one the agents from afar, I hid behind two stacks of tires at one corner of the battle arena before anyone noticed. I collected quite many points before the prisoners finally hunted me down. I tried to run but being tagged is inevitable once the agent is found. I got like 1600 points plus in total at the end and yet I wasn’t the winner. Someone else got over 3000 points. Apparently at one of the times during the game, he was untagged for 5 minutes as an agent hiding at the same corner as I did. Damn it!

Laser Warzone IOI Mall Puchong Lockout Laser Tag Game with Nuffnang bloggers
For the viewers at the waiting areas – left screen shows the live score and statistic of the game currently playing while the right one shows what’s happening in the war zone at four different angles.

The movie kinda sucked but I absolutely loved this laser tag game. I thought it was incredibly fun and I think it would be too for anyone else, especially for beginners and non-regulars players like myself. It’s like playing hide and seek or ice and fire in a whole new level. I’m certain you’d enjoy it, no matter how old you are. Also, if you’re not fit, it’s a good cardio exercise. Even though I’m quite active in sports, I was quite exhausted after that one game.

Before the Lockout game, we were randomly split up to form four teams to play in a simple knock-out style tournament against each other. As some of you may know, the team I was in the last time at I-city emerged as the champion and were given medals and a trophy. This time, however, even with a Laser Warzone staff on my side, my team only managed to win the second place. And just like third and fourth placed teams, we were each given a soft toy as prize.

Laser Warzone IOI Mall Puchong Lockout Laser Tag Game with Nuffnang bloggers
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  1. missyblurkit

    laser tag is addictive. played one during our media outing and dang…i player on for a couple of weekends and had to stop coz of work commitments. looks like its time to start again. but i must stop being the sniper. lousy points:-(

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