Concert Review: Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 Beyond Paul Wong Koon Choong

What happened to you all? What happened to our fans? Where are they hiding?

That’s what Beyond‘s Paul Wong said (in Cantonese) to the thousands of attendees who gave up on screaming for encore after a minute or two. The crowd was never constantly responsive, lacking of vibe all night long. The gig totally sucked. But was it really the weak atmosphere’s fault, or the fault of the concert’s arrangement and setup? Or were there more flaws than that? I was there at Sunway Lagoon last Saturday (14 Saturday 2012) for this Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 event from beginning until the end and I was thoroughly disappointed with how it turned out to be.

Lets not talk about the horrible venue. There are residents, colleges, a large shopping mall, a theme park and shop lots – all within that circle. Any idiot would foresee that holding such a huge event there would cause a major traffic inconvenience but I guess the organisers just didn’t care.

Lets not mention about the overpriced food and drinks that they were selling in Sunway Lagoon. RM10 for five sticks of satay. RM10 for four tiny fried chickens. RM10 for one can of Tiger beer. RM10 for this, RM10 for that. And we had to purchase coupons to buy them.

Lets also leave out about the amount of free tickets they failed to give away and yet the event was packed with people. What did they want to do, have the standing crowd stick crotches to butts? However, thanks to Nuffnang and apparently Durex, I got to watch the show comfortably from the side in a cabana booth with free flows of Tiger cans served by friendly beer girls. I was very distant from the stage though. Couldn’t even take a good picture of anyone on stage.

That’s right, lets just focus on the show itself.

Tiger AMF 2012 Beyond Steve Wong Ka Keung

The gig kicked off with some DJ spinning, a long-ass percussion performance and then the dance group. It’s really quite difficult to appreciate at such an uncomfortably huge gig. The crowd seemed totally bored by it and most applauded because it’s over. I was told by one of the ticket people at the entrance that A-Lin was going to perform first. I wasn’t surprised as I was expecting the legendary Hong Kong rock band, Beyond, the headliner, the most popular, and the most senior artiste, to go on stage last. But no, Paul Wong Koon Chung and Steve Wong Ka Keung were the first artistes to perform. They started right away with their classic hit songs before taking turns to take the stage to play their solo numbers. I was excited but like the crowd, not warmed for it at all. It was totally anti-climax from then on till the end for me. They should’ve had the other artistes build up for them. Paul went topless to get the fans going a little but ultimately, didn’t have much overall impact.

Ka Keung‘s own music is more pop-ish while Paul‘s is more hard-rocking. They ended their slot with a couple more Beyond popular titles before the embarrassing encore moment which really should had happened at the very end of the concert. Yip Sai Wing‘s drumming was truly miss because the temp drummer was very off and did notable mistakes.

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 A-Lin

So why didn’t A-Lin perform first? Everyone can guess but we wouldn’t really know. She went on stage second and sang quite well despite the boring melodies of her songs. But nobody around my side gave two cents about her presence. Neither did I because we didn’t know who she was. And I still don’t. The little rain didn’t help in the situation at all. Malaysian hip hop band Manhand came on next, spoiling Nirvana‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit along the way. Then came Jam Hsiao Jing Teng who looked absolutely lady-killer in his suit and his smiley and talkative mood. There was never a doubt that his vocal performance was gonna be impressive.

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 Chang Chen-yue

Chang Chen-yue was one of the main disappointments of the night. His performance was utterly unenthusiastic. It seemed as though he didn’t even wanna be there. He had the let-me-finish-quick-so-I-can-get-outta-here face the entire time he was on stage playing and singing. He didn’t even say a thing to the crowd at all. Not a ‘hi’, a ‘hey’ or even a wave. What an entertainer. MC Hotdog came on to rap for him in between the slot.

Lazy Mutha Fucka, better known as LMF, was the final artiste to perform and although they were doing their best to entertain but unfortunately, the poor sound system screwed it up. From where I was, the audio quality was horrible from the very beginning of the whole event. The speakers were all only at the front, meaning, only the people close to the stage could hear everything. Also, the output of some of the mics the artistes were using were either too soft, distorted or sharp. Everyone at the cabana booth were having difficulties to hear what the artistes were saying and singing. Furthermore, there were no band for the performances of the non-band solo artistes, namely Jam Hsiao and A-Lin. Meaning, the music they were singing with were not live.

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 fireworks LMF with Manhand

Tiger AMF 2012 ended with LMF performing a song with Manhand and some huge fireworks. No, LMF didn’t play their most famous hit Ham Ga Leng. Actually, Beyond didn’t perform their universally popular Hoi Fut Tin Hung and Chang Chen-yue, too, didn’t sing Ai Wo Bie Jou, the song that shot him to stardom in Taiwan. The major let-down “party” went on with the DJ spinning some mainstream music for those who stayed on and didn’t mind spending ten ringgit on every can of beer.

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