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When you search these key terms on Google, you will find and Motor Trader on top of the list presumably due to great SEO work. They are, of course, great Malaysian auto car websites, providing users to read reviews on cars, browse for used ones, and also to sell them. They both meet the standards and have their own unique features as well. But are there any other less popular automotive websites in Malaysia that are similar and might better suit others? The answer is yes and here we will introduce two of them – CarSifu and Carlist.

CarSifu ( is perhaps the most simple auto website I have ever came across. It provides nothing but car trading opportunity. No car review, no new car updates, no forum, no nothing. It’s just for people to browse at cars for sales and to put up an ad to sell theirs. Some may say that it’s a bad thing and that it’s dodgy but some users really do prefer such a website instead of going to a seemingly complicated one that is flooded with words all around with so many buttons and advertisements. Users can read up simple posted details of the second hand cars for sale like the specifications, the price, payment methods, contact info of the sales person, etc. Users can also post up their ad as well. Although many might not like it, CarSifu is just simplicity at its best for an automotive website in Malaysia.

CarList ( on the other hand is just like the top auto websites mentioned. To date, there are almost 40, 000 of used & new cars available on the website for its users. Car parts and accessories can be browsed as well as selling them. Updates on new cars and reviews are also typically provided. However, it lacks of an online forum and a promotions page to attract traffic and frequent usage. The only positive differences about it for now is that it does not have an advertisement placed on top of the page and that the layout is sorta cleaner-looking than the others. I personally take CarList only as the alternative to the other more popular automotive trading websites in Malaysia.

UPDATE: Car blogger Simon Har recommends for its larger database and its better browse sorting functions.

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  1. SiMon Har

    personally I prefer as it has a larger database and better sorting ability (ie. list the car from cheapest to most expensive) and it has a blog to attract visitor (I'm one of its contributors XD). Carsifu is growing and simple to operate though 🙂

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