Malaysian films rip off Dick Tracy & GTA poster designs

Malaysia usually sometimes rip off the productions of others instead of coming up with something unique and original, I’m quite sure we’re all so used to it that we’re no longer ashamed of it. But to copy movie and video game poster designs as well, I felt it’s a little too disgraceful. If we had enough local Caucasians, we’d probably have the biggest mockbuster production company in the whole world by now.

Uncle Usin Dick Tracy Berani Punya Budak GTA Grand Theft Auto

Uncle Usin‘s film poster design ripoff is obvious. Similar text font, exact same colours, has a red circle in the background, and the character has the same kind of hat. They probably thought they could get away with it just because Dick Tracy was released 22 years ago. Unfortunately for them, this film adaptation of Dick Tracy was one of my most remembered childhood movies so… gotcha!

Now if you were never into video games, you might not have noticed that the poster of Berani Punya Budak is also a ripoff. The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series has been using this design style for their posters ever since the release of their third sequel.

Initially when I saw one of these two ripoff posters, I just sighed and shook my head. But later on when I noticed the other one as well, also currently showing at the cinemas, I got kinda pissed off. If this what we have become after P. Ramlee, a country of poor entertainment creativity and originality? I’m not even gonna bother with the synopsis of these movies to see if the plots are ripoffs as well. Nobody would be surprised if they were anyway.

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