PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare KL Grand Launch

PIKOM ICT Mall Capsquare Grand Launch Outdoor Cinema

The outdoor cinema on the first day of PIKOM ICT Mall‘s Grand Launch (25 May 2012) was quite a let down. The weather was hot and the awesome bean bag seats weren’t enough for everyone who attended so unless you have VIP passes to be seated upstairs with free flow of booze being served, it may had been quite an uncomfortable experience. The screening of the movies were almost an hour behind schedule because they couldn’t figure out how to maximise the picture to full screen and I’m not sure if they ever did ’cause I’ve already left as soon as I realised that the poor visuals and audio won’t be any better that night.

PIKOM ICT Mall Capsquare Grand Launch Outdoor Cinema bean bags

However, the good thing is that the grand launch won’t be over until 9.30 tonight (27 May 2012) and they’ve probably already improved the outdoor cinema for yesterday night’s screenings. There won’t be anymore movies for today but there’ll be fun activities, attractive prizes to be won (iPad? Yes), some standup comedy, a performance by Anuar Zain, games with Upin Ipin and all emceed by Joey G from 10.30am onwards. So if you’re free, you could probably head there and check it out. A lot of Maxis promotions there as well so if you’re interested in subscribing to any of their services, it may be a great time for you to do so.

PIKOM ICT Mall Capsquare Grand Launch 2012

First thing that came onto my mind when I stepped into the mall was, “Wow, this is a high class Low Yat Plaza.” They have all the branded computers and IT outlets all around the ground floor but it looks more neat than the other IT malls I’ve been to. It’s still new so maybe not all the shop lots are taken yet. Tech-savvy gadget shoppers might come to like this mall more than the other digital malls in KL. Not sure just how competitive are the prices are yet. One thing for sure though, they have a large indoor car park area (apparently over 2, 000 bays).

PIKOM ICT Mall Capsquare Grand Launch 2012

But of course, it’s not all just IT and electronic businesses there, there are toy/game shops, restaurants, food court and cafes too. Maybe even more than that. It was already late that night so I didn’t get to fully explore the mall.

Got better infos about the mall? Share ’em with us by commenting below. If the info is useful for all readers, we’ll put it on this entry with your name credited!

PIKOM ICT Mall Capsquare Grand Launch 2012
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  1. suituapui

    Nice. I think I saw this in sixthseal/Huai Bin's blog. Anytime better than Low Yat – can't stand that place…so crowded, so busy, so Ah Beng. This one's definitely classier.

  2. foongpc

    Oh, now only I know the existence of this mall haha!! Mostly I'm too lazy to go Low Yat, and usually just go to Digital Mall in Sec 14, PJ for my IT needs. Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Anonymous

    Digital Mall in Sec 14, PJ price not so competitive all around, LowYat crowded but variety of tech items and used items managed by foreigners.
    Imbi, forgotten by many shoppers, do you still remember?

  4. Post

    I've actually never knew that Imbi was an IT mall. I think the question here really is whether or not the price and variety of items sold at PIKOM will be as competitive as at Low Yat.

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