Yuna’s ‘Sparkle’ music video created on smart phone

Samsung Galaxy Note Sparkle Project Yuna

Ladies and gentlemen, we apparently have the technology advanced enough to film an entire music video professionally using just a mobile smart phone. Yesterday at DELIcious MARC Residency KL, Samsung Malaysia Electronics unveils Yuna‘s Sparkle music video. It’s the first ever professional music video created on the Samsung GALAXY note. The star herself was present at this exclusive premier for the winners of “The Sparkle Project,” members of the entertainment industry and media.

“The idea behind ‘The Sparkle Project’ was basically to bring new perspectives to the music industry through the-state-of-art technology built within the Samsung GALAXY Note. This in turn, brings new experiences to our customers and takes user experiences to a whole new level,” said Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy Note Sparkle Project Vincent Chong
Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

The whole production took three months to complete. I thought it would had taken lesser time since they only used a mobile phone. But looking at the behind-the-scenes of ‘Sparkle,’ professional camera lens were attached to the Samsung GALAXY Note and a big lighting was used for the shoot. According to Quek Shio Chuan, the director of the music video, the lens attachment was used so that the image projected on the Note is inverted and a DSLR is used to shoot the screen with an inverted playback monitor for framing and live playback purposes only. So still, technically, it wasn’t all just the phone. Anyhow, this will definitely inspire amateur filmmakers with no financial backing. The Note would cost much lesser than to get a professional video camera. Just be creative with the phone and a great film can still be shot. If the editing of ‘Sparkle’ was also done on the Note itself, I would be more impressed than I already was.

The embedded video below is the music video ‘Sparkle’ shown yesterday.

The artworks and animations featured on the music video were actually co-created by Samsung customers and fans. ‘The Sparkle Project’ was a brilliant campaign, allowing Samsung users to make visual suggestions and ideas for the music video. There were over 3,000 submissions and six of them were announced as winners and was rewarded with a Note each. According to Yuna, it was a great opportunity and experience to interact with the fans and if Samsung wants to have a ‘Sparkle Project 2,’ she’ll be happy to be on board. Chong said that if the response for the music video is very positive, they may do it again.
The evening ended with a live performance by Yuna. Great voice, great music. Pretty cool for Samsung to pick her over the other mainstream artistes. What a talented Malaysian. She deserves more recognition here.

Samsung Galaxy Note Sparkle Project Yuna
Yuna (centre) wows the crowd yesterday evening.
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  1. Eric Lee Huangshi

    expected that they will use other stuff than the samsung galaxy note…owning a galaxy note, personally don't the the existing lens was good enough…great video nonetheless…n great marketing move by samsung actually…definitely a win win situation for all

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