adidas Extreme Power 5’s Futsal & fragrance launch

adidas EXTREME POWER 5's Futsal

adidas Body Care held a futsal competition last Saturday (26 May 2012) at eCurve Shopping Complex Damansara in conjunction with the domestic launch of the latest men fragrance, the Extreme Power Special Edition. Three bloggers and myself were invited to attend to help kick off the day by playing a friendly match against some local celebrities.

adidas EXTREME POWER 5's Futsal feat. Alan Yun, Zahid, Ben Ibrahim & Steve Yap

The celebrities were Zahid, Ben Ibrahim, Alan Yun and Steve Yap. I haven’t been tuning in to the TV or radio for a long long time so I really had no idea who these people were. The only one I knew was actually Ferhad but no idea why he didn’t turn up. They had a friend to join them to complete their team of five. All cameras were on them before the game started. On my side, there were Ryan Mo (, Joel Wong (, Ernest Ng ( and myself. We were short of one so we had an outsider named Jerry (or Gerry?) to fill up the spot.

adidas EXTREME POWER 5's Futsal

Friendly TV host/emcee Ben Ibrahim told us to go easy on them before the match started. Sorry but after being on the losing team in front of the national team coach Dato’ K. Rajagopal at the Snickers campaign launch recently, I was really eager to win this time. Joel
took one look at the opposing team during the warm up and confidently
said to me that we’ll definitely win. And win we did, comfortably, three goals to one. All thanks to the heroics of Gerry/Jerry, who scored two goals, and Joel, who made crucial saves as a goal keeper in the first half and scoring a goal in the second half after swapping his position with Ryan. “I played poorly on purpose in hopes that the bloggers would write good things about me,” joked Steve Yap, who was the goal keeper for the celebrities team. It was pretty fun playing the game at a shopping mall with cameras shooting all around and a commentator talking out loud play by play. Not to mention about defeating the celebrities in the public. However, I don’t think our victory was mentioned on mainstream media.

adidas EXTREME POWER 5's Futsal

The day proceeded with adidas Extreme Power 5’s Futsal Competition. Well actually, it wasn’t really futsal. The only elements of futsal it has was that it’s 5-on-5 on artificial grass with futsal-sized goal posts. Other than that, it’s street football (or street soccer). It’s obvious ’cause court was smaller with walls instead of out-of-play lines and outfield players are not allowed to enter the goal keeper’s box. No idea how even big brands could get mixed up with these two completely different spin-off sports of football. Also, the setup of the court wasn’t that safe for the players because there were metal pillars surrounding the court which players could probably injure themselves if they crashed hard into them.

adidas EXTREME POWER 5's Futsal

At the end of the day, teams Bertam Ulu FC and Bond Thugs emerged as as the winners and Malaysia’s finalists in the inaugural Malaysia Regional Qualifiers. I saw these two teams play, trashing their opponents more than 10 goals in a single match. Fantastic teamwork and impressive non-showboating ball skills. They will be representing the country at the finals in Singapore against four other finalists from Indonesia and Singapore on the 23rd of this month. The winning team of that will get a sponsored trip to Spain for a training session with a Real Madrid coach and to catch one of the club’s game live at VIP seats. The team will also receive SGD7, 000 cash prize. I wish our local teams all the best!

Adidas Body Care Extreme Power Special Editian & Dynamic Pulse

The adidas Body Care Extreme Power Special Edition men fragrance comes in different packs with the price range of RM9.90 to RM52.90. It has a slightly different scent compared to all the common lemon-ish citrus fragrances in the market today. The smell of it is strong enough to eliminate the after-sports odors. I was given the Deo Body Spray and Eau de Toilette (short range) packs. The Eau de Toilette doesn’t seem to have the scent it’s supposed to have. That’s rather peculiar ’cause all packs are supposed to contain the same fragrance with the same ingredients. I was also given the non-related Dynamic Pulse, which I really like. No idea how much this one cost in the market though.

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