LG Cinema 3D Smart TV launched in Malaysia

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Media Launch in Malaysia

That awkward moment when Nokia is no longer the top mobile phone brand and Sony might not be the top brand for televisions anyway either. Times have changed and it’s getting more competitive than ever in the world of advanced technology. Remember when I said that I might get to review LG‘s 3D Smart TV on the entry about why I think most 3D movies actually suck? Well, the media launch was held on the 23rd of May at GSC Signature, Gardens Mall KL, and I was there indeed to see if it lives up to expectations. It did more than just that as the products were more than just mere televisions. The LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs introduced at the little event were so impressive that they went way above my expectation.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Media Launch in Malaysia

As soon as I stepped into the lounge where everything was displayed, the visuals of the TV are extremely out of sync. The power of the 3-D effects could already be by looking at the blurriness of the pictures playing on the screens of the products. They’re flat and wide, no doubt, but they look elegant and charming as well. In case you spaced out, I am still talking about the TV, not a girl. The cinema screen design gives viewers the no frames or obstructions, IMAX-like cinematic experience.

The 72-inch one (image below) is apparently the largest FPR 3D LED TV. FPR stands for film pattern retarder. No, it’s not a retard-maker. It’s a light-weight battery-free 3D glasses technology. They are very light indeed and comfortable as well. And of course, unlike GSC’s 3D glasses, these have no space for reflections and they fit very well. They actually look good as shades too. Comes in different colours.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Media Launch in Malaysia

I was absolutely blown away when I put on the glasses. The 3D-ness of the visuals shown on the TVs were just surreal. Or rather too real. It was like really seeing things popping out of the screens. LG’s technology also allows users to simply convert the contents to 2-D whenever they please. It seriously makes one wonder why the heck we should pay to watch 3D or 2D movies at non-IMAX cinemas (ironically, this event was held at one) when they can’t offer anything close to this. Even at TGV’s IMAX, viewers have to keep their heads straight otherwise watch with blurred vision.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Media Launch in Malaysia

When some female Korean pop group music video was shown on the
72-incher, my heart started pumping a little ’cause it looked as though
the sexy chicks were really dancing right in front of me. Man, I wonder
how great it’d be to watch 3D pornos using these bad asses.

The other cool unique feature of these LG products is the Magic Remote which practically functions just like computer’s wireless optical mouse. Users can just point with the remote control and click. There’s a wheel to scroll up and down as well. Very convenient indeed.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Gaming

There was also a section where they displayed the experience of 3D gaming
with LG’s products compared to an “X” brand. The difference was really
obvious because the ‘X’ brand’s picture was darker (probably
rectifiable) and the 3D effects were not as good. I believe this would
be an important point if there were even more 3D-focused game titles
released anytime soon.

The feature that I was most impressed with was the Dual Play where it allows two-player gaming on one TV without having to split up the screen. Which side the players see depends on which pair of glasses they wear. However, this is only possible with game consoles with split screen functions.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Dual Play 2 screens

If I were to purchase one of these LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs, I’d go for the LM6700 model. It has all the unique features I mentioned and the price tag is affordable as well (only RM4, 499 for a 42-incher). Not to mention about its nicely shaped design with curved edges. For more infos on LG’s offers and all the other models and features, log on to http://www.lg.com/my/.

Oh by the way, did you know that LG stands for Life’s Good? I didn’t, hah!

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