Mae Nak 3D (2012) | Movie review

Mae Nak 2012 film movie poster

Rated: 18
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English, Malay, Chinese
Genre: Horror, comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Director: Chotiphun Nithiwuchara
Cast: Bongkot Kongmalai, Chumporn Theppitak, Rangsiroj Panpeng

Synopsis: The story of Mae Nak Phrakhanong, a figure of horror and despair from one of Thailand’s most enduring ghost legends, has been told through movie for decades. Now Mae Nak will appear in a very different way this time in 3D experience. Nak, a heavily pregnant woman, dies with her stillborn child while her husband, Mak, is away at war. When Mak returns, he doesn’t know that his family is dead and continues to live with Nak unaware that she is actually a ghost” (Rainfilm Sdn Bhd).

Verdict: What a complete mess. It fails as a retelling of the ghost legend – the storyline does not follow the original tale and has no development for the romance between Mak and Nak. It fails as a horror film – it made me laugh at almost every scene. It fails as a 3D film and it fails to be a watchable Thai movie. Mae Nak 3D can make Malaysian movies look very good indeed. Terrible acting, special effects, script and editing. There are also scenes that were poorly filmed as though the camera malfunctioned. The production must have had very little budget, right? If the Mae Nak ghost really exists, I hope she comes back to haunt the makers of this adaptation.

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Malaysian censorship: Very heavily censored as though there’s any need to. The original cut of the film itself is confusing enough and with all the cuts, it just makes it even more unwatchable than it already is.

To watch in 3D? Don’t watch the movie at all. Even girls will laugh at its embarrassment.

Bad poster: It looks like a woman who doesn’t know how to use makeup.

Rating: 0 / 5


Worst plothole: This movie is so flawed that even I can’t remember all of its glory. But the most significant one has to be the flaw that affects the storyline the most. Pleung, a character who envies Mak and is in love with his wife, Nak, approaches a completely incompetent black magic old man to acquire help to gain Nak’s love. The old man says that he needs a “Diamond Finger” (basically a finger cutoff from an unborn child) as an ingredient for the spell to get Nak to love Pleung. Nak dies while attempting to give birth to her baby. Pleung and the old man, with no reason at all, go to her grave, pulls out the unborn child from her womb, cuts off the baby’s finger, bites the finger and barbeques the baby right in front of Nak, who has just returned from the dead. What is the point of all that? Nak gets really angry but disappears instead taking her revenge on these people. She only decides to hunt and punish them at the end of the movie. What the fuck? Tell me it’s not a mess.

Worst special effects: The baby in the scene where it is pulled out of Nak’s womb looks like a cheap baby doll purchased at bootleg stall. The baby doll is also too big to be an unborn child. I don’t even wanna start with the CG effects of the moving baby and the decapitated head.


Mae Nak 3D 2012 film still

Special thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation to the screening of the film.

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  1. Kian Fai Koh


    thanks for the linking. And I don't think there is a terrible acting thou, except for the ghost part, her specialization is more professional than wrestle such as KANE or Undertaker!

    Can fight with Big Show YO! CHOKESLAM FOR THE WIN 😀

  2. Nana Eddy

    by the sound of it, it really doe not make sense. Why still want to get the love of the dead person? That's the whole point for the baby pulling and finger taking right?
    Lol. I always find Thai ghost stories as confusing. Some of it are great, of course, but most are just plain confusing. i decided to not waste time watching it anymore~ lol

    And thanks for the visit, again~ lol

  3. Tyng (梁绮庭)

    I laughed at the last picture XD but the Mae Nak legend has always been a love story. I think all the movies made about this legend did not follow the exact story too. Got one movie is about Mae Nak protecting couple o.O That was what I got from wikipedia.

  4. Post

    @KianFai There are scenes where the actors seem to be reading off their dialogue from a board behind the camera. Especially Pleung's father, it's like he's doing a live skit!

    @Tyng I've seen that adaptation and it's still better than this one. That story is set in the present time.

    @foongpc That's why I always provide second opinions on my reviews for the readers to judge by themselves.

    @Psylancer Probably not the worst I've seen this year. The worst is definitely "Fist of Dragon".

  5. Anhar Arshat

    Just watch the movie today! Confusing yes and the motive to stole the baby finger does not make sense…why she's angry if she and the baby is already dead and revenge for what? death during childbirth? husband not present when giving birth? thugs making mess of the village? the story just show that mae nak is really the evil one..not the people around her…what did she get for the revenge….NOTHING!

  6. Anonymous

    in the middle of watching and to be truth, i'm lost. i've watched nang nak (if i'm not mistaken 1999 version) and have no problem understanding it but this one… ~_~''

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