Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D | Movie review

Katy Perry Part of Me 2012 film movie poster

Rated: P13
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes
Director: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
Cast: Katy Perry, Lucas Kerr

Synopsis: “A documentary that chronicles Katy Perry’s life on and off-stage” (UIP).

Verdict: Unlike Michael Jackson’s This Is It (2009), this documentary concert film would definitely be an utterly boring ride for the non-fans and neutrals. It manages to showcase the singer’s decent vocals and professionalism as a entertainer but fails miserably to convince viewers that she’s a good musician or a performer. The only engaging moment for me was when it reaches the part where they try to milk it by documenting her break-up with Russell Brand. Katy Perry: Part of Me is perfect for the fans as they will get to see and hear all (and only) the good stuffs about the meatier version of Zooey Deschanel and get inspired in a way. For the older guys, I dunno, I don’t find this material easy to fap to. I think I’d be more inspired if I watched a movie about an ugly girl from a poor family who rises to success because of her obvious jaw-dropping talents.

Second opinion: “Only for Katy Perry fans” (Iris Loong).

Oh please… “She has done what The Beatles and Elvis couldn’t do – five number one hit singles from one album.” Well hello, she also hasn’t done what the legends did – revolutionise music, write songs that could relate to people of all ages, write songs without the help of a bunch of other writers, influence many other musicians that became great musicians themselves, oh yeah and I don’t think she’s even a respected figure in the music industry. Can music students learn anything from her music? Hell no. Besides Adele, all the stars who appeared on the film to give compliments are only at around the same level as she is. Yeah sure, woooow, she’s the first ever female in history to have five number one hit singles from an album… and she’s done it without winning a single Grammy award. That’s just a sad testimony to the mainstream music scene of the generation today where strong marketing could get a good-looking decent singer anywhere.

She called her fan what? She called her fan a hotdog, who was actually in a Gingerbread Man costume.

To watch in 3D? Certainly wouldn’t make a difference at all. The whole 3D thing for this is redundant. Did I feel like I was at her concert with her upskirt-ing and her boobs jingling as though they’re just in front of my face? No.

Rating: 0.5 / 5

Katy Perry thank you for believing in my weirdness
Thank you for believing in my weirdness” it seems.

Special thanks to Charmaine Pua for the passes to the screening of the film.

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  1. Isaac Tan

    I did like some of her songs. Rather catchy, supernatural for one. But ya the movie felt really staged and didn't actually show anything except for her trying really hard to tell the world, I made it!

  2. Ed

    0.5 is quite low, lol. but anyway, she's quite a desperate girl in the music industry right now. the 5 no.1 from her album is helped by featuring artists with two tracks not originally in the album. but there's always conspiracy that she/label paid a huge sum for Billboard to rank her higher ^^

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