Hennessy Artistry 2012 @ KWC Kuala Lumpur

Hennessy Artistry H-Artistry 2012 KWC Kuala Lumpur KL

The second instalment of H-Artistry 2012 was held at KWC in KL (Kenanga Wholesale City Kuala Lumpur) last Saturday and I was privileged to be invited as a media guest. To find out more about this event, please read my previous entry here. The night started out very slowly. I got there at around 9pm and the place was still pretty empty. But then again, the hall was huge and for the first time ever, the VIP/media section that I was at had more space ever before.

Hennessy Artistry H-Artistry 2012 KWC Kuala Lumpur KL

At around 10.30pm, the crowd started to fill up the entire place. Although I didn’t really care much about the music they had, I have to say that the sound management was really poor. The hall had no acoustic whatsoever and they didn’t even bother to put up speakers at the back and the side of the hall. So basically, all the sound was only coming from the stage. The vocals were also very unclear when the singers/rappers performed. If I was there for the music, I would’ve been absolutely disappointed. Fortunately, I like rock & classics when it comes to music so I was obviously there only for the free flow of awesome mixed Hennessy V.S.O.P.

Hennessy Artistry H-Artistry 2012 KWC Kuala Lumpur KL Mr. Nasty & Guru Guru
Mr. Nasty & Guru Guru – yet another DJ outfit with masks.

They were serving four different types of mix – soda, ginger ale, berry and apple. Although the drinks didn’t taste consistent (sometimes too heavy, sometimes like no Hennessy at all), they still managed to get my girlfriend feeling “happy” after like 4 glasses. Her favourite was the apple mix because it tasted just like apple juice, I think. For me, I think the berry was pretty good when it’s mixed with more Hennessy V.S.O.P. There were times they tasted exactly like soft drinks. I wasn’t man enough for soda and the ginger ale, I guess. I think I’d rather drink the V.S.O.P neat than to take those two mixes.

The free flow ended at 12pm and so I left at that time. I hope the next H-Artistry would at least have a dance floor for the attendees to really party.

Hennessy Artistry H-Artistry 2012 KWC Kuala Lumpur KL
Photo credits to SherLynnt.com.
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