Superstars of Magic 2 @ Genting

Dean Gunnarson Escape Artist at Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia

Sick of the gimmicky street magics you see on television these days? Are you more of a fan of elegant stage magic? Have you always wanted to catch one live when you were younger but never had the chance? Well here’s your chance. Many award-winning stage magicians and illusionists are performing for the Superstars of Magic 2 show at the Malaysian Las Vegas, Genting Highlands. It is directed by David Lai, also an award winner. What awards these people won, you may ask. Who cares? We’re not within the industry. What I only care about is good and worthy entertainment. So read on for my review and the details of the show.

French Card Manipulation Champion Nestor Hato at Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia

The show features “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – Dean Gunnarson, “The Great Illusionists” – JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning, the “World’s Best Variety Act” – Charlie Frye & Co., “Europe’s Best Pickpocket Artist” – Christian Lindemann, “Stage Comedy Magician of the Year” – Chipper Lowell, “France’s Card Manipulation Champion” – Nestor Hato, the “World’s Best Quick Change Act” – Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, and “The World’s Youngest Manipulation Artists” – Sos and Tigran Junior.

It’s really cool that the show features some of the old school tricks along with the more current and popular acts of today. It starts with a traditional slapstick comedy variety magic act by Charlie Frye with his ring-tangling, bowling ball floating and juggling tricks, and it ends with the quick clothes-changing performance by Sos & Victoria Petrosyan, which I believe is the most popular magic act in the world today. My personal favourite parts of the show had to be the little interval comedic acts by the host of show, Chipper Lowell, because I was unfamiliar with the tricks and gags he pulled. He was absolutely hilarious and flawless.

Illusionists JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning at Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia

And of course, if you’re lucky, you’d be picked to go on stage for the magicians that need “help” with his trick. Unfortunately on the night I went, they only picked the people from the row with local celebrities that never even raised their hand. The poor fellow sitting in front, who was so enthusiastically raising his hands every time they asked for a “volunteer”, never got picked and was instead embarrassed a little bit by Lowell’s words.

My least favourite performances of the show were the ones by Dean Gunnarson and Sos & Tigran Junior. I would’ve been more impressed if Gunnarson was performing a more sophisticated escape within a transparent tank that would allow the audience to actually witness how he’s doing it within the water. Whereas for the Sos & Tigran one, I probably just didn’t get it. A kid playing with balls in slow pace before the bigger brother came out with a card performance that’s very similar to the Nestor Hato‘s, which was already showcased before his. Their parents (Sos & Victoria Petrosyan) have gotta teach them tricks that are more uncommon and entertaining.

Magicians, director & producer of Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia.

The other downside of the show is that if you recently seen the same
performances on YouTube, you won’t be as impressed. It’d be extremely familiar for you and you’d what to expect from the performances. Personally, I was most
disappointed that other old school stuffs like human levitation and
sawing-a-person-in-half tricks weren’t featured. But I guess if you aren’t a YouTube nerd like me, you’d most likely be amazed.

If you’re interested, you can catch Superstars of Magic 2 at 9pm on any night until this Sunday (9th of September) at Genting International Showroom.

Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia

The ticket pricing are show in the table below. If you’re going for this, I would suggest you to choose the higher seats of the tier you want. I had the lower ground seat at the VIP area and some huge mofo who sat in front of me caused
my girlfriend and I some viewing difficulties throughout the show.

Superstars of Magic 2 Genting Malaysia ticket price pricing

Special thanks to Nuffnang and Genting for the VIP invitations to the show.

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