Jack Lim’s RM1 million palace for 2013 Chinese New Year film

皇宫灿烂 林德荣 Once Upon A Time Jack Lim RM1 million palace

[UPDATE] Click here to read the full review on Once Upon A Time.

So I was invited to go to Ipoh to visit one of the filming set of Jack Lim‘s (林德荣) upcoming Chinese New Year film during their production. Surprise, surprise. Who would’ve thought a simple palace and surroundings like this can already cost up to RM1 million? I was expecting like a real huge elegant palace like the ones we see in Aladdin. But that wouldn’t have made sense ’cause the palace was meant for the scenes of 6,000 years ago, the stone age period where most people lived in caves.

When I arrived there along with the other invited media, they were halfway filming a scene where a number of drummers are performing to please The Emperor, who’s walking out of the palace. I didn’t know Chinese war drums existed for as long as that. It was extremely hot that day and I was already sweating as hell by just standing around. Can’t imagine being in the costumes the actors were in.

皇宫灿烂 林德荣 Once Upon A Time Jack Lim drummers

This Chinese New Year comedy, directed by Silver, is entitled Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂) starring MY FM stars Jack Lim, Vivian Tok, Gan Mei Yan and Jeff Chin. The story takes place more than 6,000 years ago in a prehistoric kingdom where a playful, lazy, glutton and death-fearing Emperor time travels to the year 2013 by accident along with his two companions and is forced to become a beggar in order to survive in the present era. The Emperor, played by Lim, is the same one as the one in the radio skit on MY FM’s breakfast show. Lim also serves as the Executive Producer of the film.

The size of the production crew and casts is 8 times more than Lim’s record-breaking movie Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes and thus they are expecting to hit another milestone with this one. “Once Upon A Time” will hit local cinemas in Malaysia on February the 7th, 2013, Chinese New Year period.

The cast members looked genuinely happy and fun working together. They’re close, without a doubt, having worked at MY FM together for so long and not to mention about the past movies too. They even kept count on who made the most NGs just for fun. They said that they might have to make fake NGs for the closing credits of the film because everyone’s been doing very well to avoid being this production’s “King of NGs”.
During the press conference and the Mid-Production Appreciation Dinner held that night, the quick edit of the scene filmed that day were shown to us. The extras were actually doing the Gangnam Style in scene. It was pretty cute to see. Little did we know that this little scene took them 10 hours that day to film. A lot of hard work and money are being put into this production. Vivian Toh had to even sacrifice her boobs to be grabbed by Lim for scene that the director, Silver, included randomly just for the sake of adding more humour.
皇宫灿烂 林德荣 Once Upon A Time Jack Lim casts

[UPDATE] Click here to read the full review on the movie.

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  1. Merryn

    I've been to a movie filming in Malacca once and it was sooo boring as I have to wait and wait and wait and the actors fly kite I mean seriously fly kite to fill up their time in between takes!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Same style, same patterns and same time transporter stories in Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes.

    As usual, lack of creativity, class or good story lines.

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