Samsung Super Match @ WCG Malaysia 2012

WCG Samsung Super Match Modern Warfare 3 runner-up 2nd prize winner

Yup, I was one of the bloggers invited to participate in the Samsung Super Match a couple weeks ago at the World Cyber Games 2012 in Malaysia. I got teamed up almost randomly with a former Malaysian WCG representative, Fadli, in the competition playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 against the other three pairs until the final where we had to face each other. He finished as the champion and me the runner-up. Apparently, he never played the game before and yet he won me in the final. What talented gamer he was. Consolation for my own pride, if any at all, was that it was my first time competing in a video game on stage. I think I might have been more comfortable performing a song on stage (laughs).

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Notebook

Anyway, he walked home with the awesome grand prize – the Samsung Series
7 Gamer
. Well as for me, not too bad. Still got a laptop – the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Notebook. Pretty amazing laptop particularly for business use. It’s very light and thin. The battery lasts more than 4 hours with WIFI on. The only thing that’s missing is a built-in or internal CD/optimal drive but that’s soon to be completely unnecessary. The only real big flaw about this laptop is that its DC input socket connector for the power jack is on the left side. At the moment, with the arrangement in my room, it would be more convenient to plug in from the right. They should’ve designed it to be at the back instead of either sides of the laptop. Or at least provide a L-shaped cable jack. Well, can’t complain ’cause I got it for free, baby! And I’ve been putting it to good use (if you know what I mean *mrbean.jpg*).

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Notebook power plug

I would like to thank Samsung and Nuffnang for inviting me to play. It was quite a memorable experience, especially for me personally ’cause back then when I was schoolin’, I always wanted to compete in the WCG. Although it wasn’t a part of the actual event, I still took it as a teenage-hood dream that came true.

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