#JustWatchMe drinking at H-Artistry 2012 finale

Here’s me doing two too many cheers in 17 seconds while sipping on a glass of the signature Hennessy Apple:

As shown in the video, the music was loud, the lighting was sick, the stage was like it was for a mini concert, and there’s a huge crowd behind me. I forgot the name of the artist that was performing but you can always read all about this event, the Pinnacle of H-Artistry, the finale of the Global Art of Mixing Trilogy 2012, on my previous entry. I couldn’t care less about the music ’cause when I drink enough, I’d “layan” any sound, even if it’s just bass drums with a same constant beat for hours. But how was my experience, really, this time, compared to the last instalment and the finale last year? Well read on…

Pinnacle of H-Artistry finale 2012 Malaysia Hennessy MIECC The Mines

It was held at the same place last year’s finale, the Malaysian International Exhibition & Convention Hall (MIECC) in Mines Resort City, on last Saturday (November the 3rd), and just like any previous H-Artistry, there was the hall with the 360 cam, many spots to take photos, chill out seats and so on. The arrangement of this hall this time was much better though. However, the stage at the main hall looked way smaller and taller compared to last year’s. It was surprising but not necessarily disappointing. Perhaps the number of expected attendees was more than before. The queue for the 360 cam was constantly long the whole night otherwise I’d go for it again.

Pinnacle of H-Artistry finale 2012 Malaysia Hennessy MIECC The Mines

There was no dance floor again but it was more of a concert and there was loads of space slightly farther away from the stage where people could dance if they wanted to. I’m not sure if I’ve missed it but I didn’t hear the song Gangnam Style
at all the whole night. It would’ve brought down the house even more if
they played it. It’s definitely the crowd favourite still. I’m not an
expert in audio systems but the sound quality that night was a little
flat as though the woofers had cracked.

This time, instead of just having predictable clubbing music, there were K-pop acts as well. Not one, but two. It seemed that they were lip-syncing (it’s not like they write their own music right? why can’t they just be dancers instead?) and as though the annoyance wasn’t enough, the boy band one, couldn’t speak English and yet they gave a long-ass speech in Korean as though we know or we care what they were sayin’. The people around me were making jokes like “no subtitles! where are the subtitles?!” And all I heard on their second song was “pork chop, pork chop, pork chop… (something something something) cibai.” Apologies for this paragraph, this is just my personal hatred towards K-pop, and has nothing to do with the event itself. Though, I actually preferred last year’s line-up of performances.

Pinnacle of H-Artistry finale 2012 Malaysia Hennessy MIECC The Mines Block B

For me, it was all about the free flow. The Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Berry were too sweet for my liking, could hardly taste the Hennessy VSOP. The mixing was more consistent the last time, if I’m not mistaken. However, my girlfriend loved it, so much that she had a little too much at the end of the night. I, too, got to consume enough to make the night a fun one with the fellow bloggers. All thanks to the after-12 coupon system which really reduced the amount of bar-hoggers thus making it less difficult to top up my glass. I wanted to go all out this time but unfortunately, the entire event ended before 2am this time (an hour earlier than usual) due to the apparent police raid.

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  1. Eric Lee Huangshi

    LOL might be one of the worst event ever. They started too damn late and god knows for what damn reason. True, I believe the girl K-Pop group are lip syncing but the boy band one not so. Still a bit boring until Havana Brown came on. But was too tired and sleepy to enjoy then

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