Rise of the Guardians | Movie review

Rise of the Guardians 2012 film movie poster large

Rated: U
Genre: Animation, family, fantasy, comedy
Running Time: 97 minutes
Director: Peter Ramsey
Cast: Chris Pine (Jack Frost), Alec Baldwin (North), Hugh Jackman (Bunnymund), Isla Fisher (Tooth Fairy), Jude Law (Pitch)

Synopsis: “Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and the Sandman band together to form a united front against the Bogeyman” (UIP).

Verdict: One of DreamWorks Animation’s most unoriginal ‘works’ but would definitely be a great entertainment for the kids in this era. Whilst the kids and chicks enjoy the cuteness of some of the characters and the kiddish jokes, the rest of their friends or family members may just have to find other things about the film to appreciate. Rise of the Guardians is basically a mash-up of Arthur’s Christmas, Monsters Inc., and the recent Marvel’s The Avengers, with great CG visuals and loads of epic battle scenes between The Avengers… urrrr, I mean The Guardians of Childhood (it’s supposedly based on this book) and Loki… sorry, I mean Pitch, the bad guy. However, it lacks of creative humour, emotional engagement, involving music, and the “magic” that most Disney animations have.

Second opinion: “Super nice film; got me tearing a little twice too!” (Iris Loong).

To watch in 3D? Hell yeah. Quite indepth 3D effects, this one.

Mid-credit scene: Stay for it if you liked the humour.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Poorly written villain: Pitch, the bad guy, manages to convince Jack Frost to give up his magical staff (this Guardian is created by the Man in the Moon to be useless without his staff, apparently). He takes it from him, breaks it in halves and then throws it back to him. Jack Frost, predictably, merges it back together and back in business, he goes.

The Man in the Moon? Basically the moon chooses the Guardians and gives them power. Why can it do that? Perhaps only the fans of William Joyce would know ’cause in this movie, that’s loosely based on his stuffs, does not explain it.

What’s the point of… the Guardians keeping themselves a myth and a legend when all their powers come from the kids who believe in them? Yes, maybe it’s necessary but then at the ending, they all reveal themselves to a bunch of kids.

Bad influence for kids! During the climax of the film, one of the kids threatens to not believe in Easter Bunny anymore if he does not get a sign that it exists. Being afraid of that, Jack Frost creates those signs for that kid and becomes visible along with the other mythical legends. And then, Jack Frost calls for the kids around the neighbourhood to come out of their homes in the middle of the night without notifying their parents.

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  1. benjamin vai

    i think sandman should be hulk, cause he disappear mid way ( much like hulk after thor clash althought diff reason) den comes back tapau everyone and bash loki with an upper cut. he macam cannot die oso. Santa more like thor i guess.

    But i get where u get thor as sandman, seeing that he and "loki" pitch has around the same power oso. hahah

  2. Unknown

    God, there are really some mentally deficient people out there who get to post their "reviews" on these websites.

    News flash: There were stories about "teams" getting together to battle evil "long" before The Avengers. There were stories that dealt with dreaming long before Monsters, Inc. With the exception of a Santa character, there is no "mashup" involving Arthur Christmas. Also, there have been bad guys with long pointed faces long before(Once again) The Avengers.

    I really think that this is one more person who reviewed the movie that didn't actually attend the screening. Went to the bar, instead? Hope you got laid at least.

    Of course it could be worse, instead of YOU doing this review, it could be the hilariously illiterate 'benjamin vai' who commented up above. That's the most ridiculous word salad I've seen. Have a little bit of pride in what you type, you moron, it's like reading poo flung on the wall by a disturbed chimp.

  3. Post

    @Unknown When you say long before Avengers, do you mean the 18th century? The comic series of the title was first released in the 60s. Anyway, what I meant by mashup was that it felt similar to those movies combined when I was watching it and hence labeling it as unoriginal.

    Before you call someone illiterate, please understand that not everyone uses English as their main language. I'm sure Benjamin Vai would like to see you comment in both Malay and Chinese.

  4. benjamin vai

    Oh high @unknwn bustard, i m vy d iliterate one, bt again then.

    I wish that u cn c me tulk hre also .

    atualy i lik to c u face face b4 u tok lik a 5 year old kid defend his sweets.

    Ok screw this.

    It's really hard to pretend to be illiterate. LOL

    I suggest that you check up on your proofs before accusing Toninkush of not attending the screening as there are at least 20 others that can clarify his attendance at the screening in Hall 8, One Utama GSC on the 20th of November.

    I honestly do not see any strong point in your opinion regarding Toninkush's review rather it was a rather personal attack on his side.

    I would like to see you tell us whether you think the movie was a success or a total flop.

    And FYI, not everyone types and talk like a complete grammar douche on the internet (yeap! I am talking about you), especially in the social media space.

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