War of the Worlds: Goliath in 3D | Movie review

War of the Worlds Goliath 2012 film movie poster keyart large
Rated: P13
Genre: Animation, war, action, science fiction
Running Time: 82 minutes
Director: Joe Pearson
Cast: Adrian Paul, Adam Baldwin, Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth Gracen, Jim Byrnes, Beau Billingslea, Mark Sheppard

Synopsis: WOTWG, directed by Joe Pearson, is a spin off sequel of the 1898 novel “The War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells. It’s an 85-minute animated steampunk story of war, comradeship and courage under fire. The story takes place in an alternate-reality New York in 1914, fifteen years after a failed Martian invasion. At the eve of World War I, the Martians stage a second attack, stronger and more powerful than before, to complete what they had begun. But this time, they meet a very different Earth. This time, the humans fight back. Enter the adventures of the young multinational crew of the Earth battle Tripod “Goliath”, in the crucible of combat against the Martians.

Verdict: You’d enjoy this action-packed sci-fi animated film about humans vs aliens… but only if you’re a boy below 13. Girls, you might wanna stay far, far away from this one. War of the Worlds: Goliath has great 3D effects, impressive designs of the settings and there’s a cool Malaysian character, but other than that, it’s very much like a typical American cartoon we can see on TV any day, if not worse. The almostemotionless voice acting and the extremely corny dialogues in WOTWG cause complete absence of any sort of engagement, and at parts, it’s just unintentionally hilarious. The story is so cliche that I could almost predict the entire movie by just watching the trailers. Its attempt on educating the viewers about multiracial unity is totally unconvincing. The movement of the characters are awkwardly unnatural and their design reminds me of how poor the characters look in the anime, Initial D.

Second opinion: “Unengaging; it’s so boring that I wanted it to end quick” (Iris Loong).

Malaysian censorship: I believe only the unnecessary sex scene is removed.

To watch in 3D? There aren’t many other reasons to watch the film if you don’t watch it for its 3D effects.

Tribute to H.G. Wells? The protagonist in the movie, Eric (voiced by Peter Wingfield), carries the surname ‘Wells’, which may be the writer or the producer’s little homage to Herbert George Wells, the author of the original 1898 novel, “War of the Worlds“.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Most flawed scene: And it involves our Malaysian character, Shah (Tony Eusoff)! There’s a scene where he tries to shoot down a mini alien tripod that’s moving towards him and a little girl he’s protecting but to no avail and he runs out of bullet. He fires all of his bullets to the glass hoping to that they’d go through it and kill the Martian inside the machine but caused not a single a crack. Out of desperation, he jumps onto the tripod and attacks it with his kris (keris)… and succeeds in breaking the glass and killing the alien inside it. Dafuq? The gun he used must be a BB gun or something.

The worst scene: The ending where the A.R.E.S airship goes head to head with the alien mothership (which decided to come out of the sea to fight and retreat after all of its tripods and aircrafts were beaten & destroyed). After being shot a few times, the A.R.E.S loses its balance and causes General Kushnirov (Rob Middleton) to leave his position at the steering wheel to hold on to his son, who has fallen off the broken platform. All the “soldiers” in the airship tells the General that the airship would be destroyed if he doesn’t maneuver it away from the buildings its leaning onto while moving. Instead of ordering his men to take control of the wheel for him, he just lay there and watch his son sacrifice his life by letting go his hand. Without much of emotions shown, he got back up quickly to maneuver the airship predictably towards the alien mothership and crashes into it as it’s about to fire its laser (this part is a complete ripoff from the 1996 alien invasion film, Independence Day), causing both ships to explode. Then Shah, who’s looking on from afar, says, “Jasamu akan dikenangi.” It means “your contribution will be remembered” in Malay. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

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  1. Eric Lee Huangshi

    The main purpose is to show that keris is almighty! i guess that is to be expected from a malaysian animation. LOL

    but i am not surprise that it fares badly in storyline while excelling in animations. Still don't get why paranorman can lose to it

  2. Jon

    My ori post in Loyar Burok.

    on lim · 10 minutes ago
    I actually came out disappointed from the cinema . Just way below my expectation.

    But credit must be given to locals who conceptualise the designs, models etc. The animation was done by koreans, the writer, director are not locals btw.

    Being a huge fan or mecha, giant robots and Battletech's Mechwarrior, those little details on the human's tripods really gave me huge orgasmic moments whenever they appear on screen. And heck they even have scout tripods/mechs lol.

    Yes some huge chunks of important elements are missing for a good movie. It's not fair to give them 1 star rating out of 5 (like some local reviewers gave them) as lots of efforts, time are spent on this movie. Maybe a 2.5.

    I hope this is the 1st step of many many great things to come from our very local production. Love the character Shah.
    Jon Lim · 3 minutes ago
    OK. I just read in FB the man designer who was behind all those awesome looking tripods has already passed away.

    This is so depressing. Another great lost.

  3. The Owner

    I was bitterly disappointed in the film. It could – and should – have been so much better. I feel people want this film to succeed because it's a Malaysian effort, not because it's that good.

  4. Anonymous

    I have seen worst animated movies – eg. Final Fantasy – the Spirit within. Good ground breaking animation, but ending was bad.

  5. Carter Sexton

    Studio Climb Malaysia did the imaginative concept design. The director/producer Joe Pearson and the the Korean directors at Sun Min Image don't have a clue about what makes a good script or a competent film.

  6. Perseus Wong

    God awful art direction and amateur production. From the embarrassingly bad anime illustration to the ridiculous overlay of 3D stock effects to the unoriginal script, it didn't take me long to quit the film.

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