Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph movie poster large

Rated: U
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 101 minutes
Director: Rich Moore
Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch

Synopsis: “Wreck-It Ralph, an action-packed, visually stunning CG comedy set in contrasting worlds that are like nothing ever before seen on the big screen, is produced by Clark Spencer (“Lilo & Stitch,” “Bolt”), the story of an arcade game Bad Guy determined to prove he can be a Good Guy. Taking fun and games to a whole new level, the film smashes into theaters Nov. 29, 2012, and will be presented in Disney Digital 3D® in select theaters” (

Verdict: An animated film about video games that’s not really packed with fun and action. Wreck-it Ralph has a plot that’s almost like a crossover of Despicable Me (2010) and the video game version of Toy Story (1995), with creative art designs, great visuals and an impressive work by 42 year-old Sarah Silverman in voicing a lively cute 9 year-old girl character. However, the humour’s only enough to fully satisfy kids and easily-amused girls. The movie starts off great but gets boring when only the original characters are featured until the end, leaving me with only the incorporation of video game references to appreciate. People who’s watching this to see the classic video game characters would be very disappointed. To market the film and attract grownups that’s hoping for nostalgia, they’ve already shown the only major scene with the popular video game characters involved on trailer. Long-time gamers and adults would definitely go all ‘WTF’ with its unintentional pedophilic ending.

Second opinion: “Forgettable, but better than Despicable Me” (Iris Loong).

To watch in 3D? I watched the normal screening but I suppose it does look promising to be watched in 3D.

Pre-movie short animation featured: A black and white animated short entitled Paperman. Makes no sense but it’s old skool.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Why is that… the other minor characters from the Fix-it Felix Jr. move by pixels while the titular character himself (Jack McBrayer) and Wreck-it Ralph (John C. Reilly) get to move so smoothly in and out of their game?

The arcade has more than one machine for some of the games: There should be multiple same characters for those titles. If this was explored in the movie, it could’ve turned out more hilarious.

The one-liner: Ralph takes the sour candy fellow, licks it, sticks it to a tree and says, “Stick around”. Sorry to say that it won’t work without Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent.

And why the fuck does… Skrillex get to make a cameo appearance in the movie? He’s not a video game score composer. He’s nothing when it comes to this subject!

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  1. j_fish

    Despicable me is a lot better than this I think. Was quite bored with it. 2.5 for this? Kinda disappointed. I think it should be lower. =/ And I think the ending is very pedo too!!!

  2. Nana Eddy

    I have soooo many pending movies to watch. I guess it could only mean one thing – I'm never gonna watch it unless it comes on tv and I happen to be free to watch it. lol.

    This one would probably one of those I would never get to watch – it was the same thing for despicable me. lol

  3. Post

    @j_fish I think 2.5 is fair. I always give this rating when I appreciate the everything except the script and plot.

    @ErnestNg That's just bullshit! At least Daftpunk's style suits Tron's world. Skrillex… is not even the score composer of the film. They tried too hard to tap to wider target audience without spending more.

    @Merryn Yeah, I wouldn't blame you or Ethan for enjoying it. It is meant to please for target audience like both of you.

  4. tukang pikir

    well, this is what disney is trying to do now dontcha see? getting these electronic music artists to have a cameo in their movies. skrillex wins, disney wins. and people will still pay tickets to see both. money bro. style dont matter anymore.

  5. Post
  6. david83

    Somehow felt the use of 'Despicable Me' here in a not so good way – Despicable Me was amazing. It is among my top rated animated films of all time. With a meager budget of $69 mil. (compared to TS3 mammoth $250 million), it exceeded my expectations and went on to gross half a billion dollars worldwide. 2013 will see the sequel released. The Minions proved to be ultra popular and they will get their own film in 2015.

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