XPLAY 2012 heads back to KL this Saturday

Xplay 2012 poster

After hitting at two clubs in Malacca and Kuching respectively last weekend, the party is headed back to KL this Saturday (December 1st 2012)!

XPLAY 2012 will be held at Aquasonic, Sunway Pyramid from 8pm onwards, featuring hot sexy female DJs like DJ Deborah De Luca, DJ Yasmin and DJ Miss Chanel. If they wanted to target both fans and non-fans of DJ music, they got me ’cause I certainly can appreciate the beauty of ladies. And I’m not kiddin’ when I say “hot sexy”. Check out DJ Deborah De Luca on this video:

It’ll be my first time attending an Xplay event and also my first time partying at this club, and after reading that it was epically jam-packed with awesome clubbers in the past two instalments, the excitement is over top for me right now. Don’t you wish to go as well?

Free invites to this party are easy to score and I’m not just saying ’cause I did it for myself first, on their webpage at xpax.com.my, just to make sure I won’t be lying to my beloved readers (awwww). Head over to xpax.com.my/xplay, click on “join us”, log into your Facebook on the pop-up, agree to the Facebook app stuffs, fill up the very short form, tick the box below before clicking “sign up now”, “Like” the XPAX Facebook Page and just wait for their email.

For those who can’t make it, guess you’ll just have to read the post-event recap/review right here on this blog. For those who are going, see ya there, party people! It’s time to muxic with Xplay all night long.

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