Xplay 2012 @ Aquasonic Sunway Pyramid KL

Xplay 2012 KL Aquasonic Sunway DJ Deborah De Luca, DJ Yasmin & DJ Miss Chanel

The KL instalment of Xplay 2012 was held at Aquasonic Club (Sunway Pyramid) last Saturday (December 1), featuring two absolutely delicious looking chick DJs and they were none other than DJ Deborah De Luca, all the way from Italy, and DJ Yasmin, from Indonesia. The admission was free for the public and all they had to do was to sign up on the Xpax website. Courtesy of Nuffnang and Celcom, I was privileged to attend the event as a “VXP” (don’t ask me what that stands for; I wish I knew as well).

Xplay 2012 KL Aquasonic Sunway DJ Miss Chanel

The party kicked off at 8.15pm with Malaysian DJ, Miss Chanel, spinning to an almost empty crowd. It was obviously too early at the time and due to the lack of blogger friends that were invited, I was bored out of my mind. So I left the scene and came back at around 10.30pm and voila, it was packed as hell. Suddenly there were dancers dancing at four corners of the place, DJ Deborah De Luca was already on stage spinning while showing massive cleavage in her sexy outfit, and the crowd seemed to be really having fun despite the lack of space. I thought headliners at clubbing events only come out after 1am! It certainly looked more like a party already at the time but all of the people I know had already left, leaving me alone with the free flow of Tiger beer. So I stayed and stared at those pair of beautiful melons for a bit before leaving for good.

Xplay 2012 KL Aquasonic Sunway DJ

Even if all my friends were there, I saw no where that we could had gone wild or even sit. Aquasonic Club (formerly known as Opera) was indeed too small for a decent free-admission event like this. Without a doubt, the DJs were eye-candies and I’m sure I could had really partied even though the music’s totally not my cup of tea, but after attending a number of exclusive alcohol events recently, I couldn’t help but to expect a larger space, other fun interactive activities, and more people that I actually know personally.

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  1. Isaac Tan

    hehe, i went back around 11.30 and stayed till 1 i i think.. hope i got DJ yasmin's name correctly, coz she was the last one spinning there.. pretty yummy looking haha!

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