McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back 2013

McDonald's Prosperity Gives Back Press Conference

McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back campaign is back again and in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Prosperity Burger, McDonald’s will be donating RM1 instead of 10 cents for every Prosperity Meal sold. That’s 90% more compared to the previous two occasions! So now we can’t say that they’re just doing it to increase the sales and awareness of the product ’cause one ringgit’s pretty generous indeed. And it’s not just for one or two charity homes, all proceeds will go to over 60 local charity homes.

I know you wouldn’t wanna read a whole long ass article like what you can already find on mainstream portals about this so here’s basically how it’ll go:

  1. For every Prosperity Meal bought by customers at any McDonald’s outlet on 19th & 20th of January 2013 (this Saturday & Sunday), McDonald’s will donate RM1 to charity homes.
  2. Celebrities like Fly FM’s Phat Fabes, local actress Chelsea Ng, Hot FM’s Leya, One FM’s Nicholas Ong, actor Dennis Lau, the other celebrities shown on the image above and some recognisable local bloggers will be serving (not me though) at the Kota Damansara branch.
  3. That’s it, see you at McDonald’s this weekend (not telling you which one I’ll be at but it’s rather obvious).

McDonald's Prosperity Burger Chicken

Although my entire family and myself totally dislike the taste of too much black pepper, we’ll be buying a meal this weekend to show support for the good cause!

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