Selangor residents received letters & calenders from PM

Selangor Prime Minister Perdana Menteri letter 2013 new year

As the next General Election draws closer, we receive more greetings and sweet-talking letters from our Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Rajak and the government. Few months ago, one of the letters I received were completely in Chinese and I still have no idea what the content was about (did they think every local Chinese knows how to read the language?). Last week, I received two separate envelops; one with a new year greeting with a letter and the other a 2013 calender. My entire family except my dad got it (presumably because my dad’s age group is not their “target market”).

Top right of the letter contains the voter’s particulars of the recipient. What’s that for? It feels threatening. With this line on the content, it’s obvious that the letter is directed to Selangor residents only:

“Terutamanya kepada rakyat Selangor, setelah lebih empat tahun berhadapan dengan kecelaruan di bawah kerajaan DAP, PKR, dan PAS, kini tiba masanya untuk berubah.” 

Yes, I haven’t been completely pleased with the lack of efficiency of the current Selangor state government (read my whiny complaint here) but how are letters supposed to convince us that Barisan National could do any better, if not worse than ever before? To begin with, why shouldn’t the taxpayers be pissed off that they spent so much on sending out these pointless greetings and letters (which they could’ve easily done on the mainstream media that many people felt that they’re manipulating) instead of spending the fund on serious stuffs (like stopping the radio from playing Justin Bieber and K-pop songs perhaps?). Or just donate they money to those in need (and maybe then there’ll be more smiling cashiers at McDonald’s and KFC). Not to mention about the trees sacrificed for the papers, man. Not cool. Next time, ask for our email addresses lah, Ah Jib Gor.

Selangor Prime Minister Perdana Menteri 2013 calender

Everyone I know who received this put this together with their old newspapers, ready to be recycled. So did I. Paper gets recycled and old newspaper man gets profit. Win win.

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  1. Anonymous

    My point exactly. why the waste? you know, i got messages(sms) from them for christmas and recently my birthday, with my full name from the BN selangor guy O.o serious privacy invasion man

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