Street Fighter x Mega Man is mad fun for a free game

megaman vs ryu street fighter 25th anniversary main press start

In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of both popular video game titles Megaman and Street Fighter, Capcom released a free to download PC game entitled Street Fighter x Megaman a week before Christmas last year to (casually) celebrate this rather huge occasion (but did not create something official instead). It’s only 8-bit, it’s fan-made and no, the player cannot control any Street Fighter characters in the game. It’s totally a typical Mega Man (otherwise known as Rockman to the Japanese) game but with Street Fighter characters as the villains. So is the game any good to me? Yes, surprisingly it exceeded all my expectations.

megaman vs street fighter 25th anniversary characters
Select your enemy.

The single-player game begins similarly to the other Mega Man games, we get to select which level we wish to play. Every Street Fighter character holds a completely different level and they are the boss at the end of their respective levels. Every one you beat, you’d get their ability (but not all of them is useful or what you expect; for example, defeating Blanka gives you the ability to make one watermelon appear at a time but he’s an easy boss to beat). If you beat more than three of the bosses with perfect HP, a secret boss would challenge you (that’s none other than Akuma). The Street Fighter background and music at the end of each level are very nostalgic. There’s no storyline or any cut scene bollocks, just pure old skool side scrolling action.

megaman vs ryu street fighter 25th anniversary
Mega Man vs. Ryu!

It’s very challenging, fun and addictive. It seemed extremely difficult to me at the beginning ’cause I couldn’t beat any of the bosses (seriously, they seemed impossible to defeat with a keyboard). But with a little patience today, I got a hang of the controls and managed to beat both Ryu and Blanka with the default weapon/ability (’cause Blanka’s watermelon ability totally sucks, why not give the current ability instead?). The problem with the game is that there’s no convenient restart function and there’s no save game function (but you can minimise the window of the game and leave it running until you’ve time to continue). However, once you’re skilled enough, the game can be finished under an hour.

megaman vs street fighter 25th anniversary hadouken special weapon
The prize of defeating Ryu – the Hadoken ability.

Although it’s a short game, it’s very well done for a fan-made free game and absolutely value for time. No installation required, just download (file size’s around 30MB only), unzip, double click the exe file and play instantly. Even the shittiest computer can play it smoothly. They could’ve easily put this on Facebook as an app. According to multiple sources, Capcom will be releasing an updated version 2 of the game soon to “tighten up” and fix the known issues but with no new contents to be added.

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