#JustWatchMe shave my own head

I’m not gonna pretend it was done for any good cause. It’s not a complete shave anyway. Every guy like me will come to a point in life where we’d accept that it’s very unlikely to escape from our parents’ genes of balding. It sucks but what can we do?

There are two options for those who don’t wanna go for a transplant like Wayne Rooney; get all kinds of medications to try to maintain/regrow hair, or embrace what’s coming and start experimenting on different looks. I chose the latter ’cause the first choice seems a little costly, risky and troublesome. And so I bought an old model electric hair clipper with adjustable comb. They don’t call it an electric shaver ’cause apparently those are for facial hair only. I was advised by a friend to go for a branded one ’cause the cheap China unit he had didn’t even last for a second haircut.

The adjustable comb attached is for users to cut according to the length of the hair desired (in millimetres). For clean shaves, you’d have to use the hair clipper without the comb. I had the comb set at 1mm and hence the result in the video, the length of all that hair is 1mm. My only regret with this was that I didn’t buy a cordless hair clipper (as you can see how annoying it is in the video). And oh yeah, do it only in the bathroom. The mess was not easy to sweep away. Other than that, it’s pretty fun. It was actually my first time shaving my own head. I think I might try some other style when the hair grows back a bit.

Music in the video: Untitled original track composed & produced by me.

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