Album Review: The Next Day – David Bowie

David Bowie The Next Day album cover
Release date
: 8 March 2013
Genre: Rock
Length: 53.14 mins
Producer: Tony Visconti
Lyrics: David Bowie
Composition: All by David Bowie alone except “Boss of Me” and “How Does the Grass Grow?”

Track list: The Next Day | Dirty Boys | The Stars (Are Out Tonight) | Love Is Lost | Where Are We Now? | Valentine’s Day | If You Can See Me | I’d Rather Be High | Boss of Me | Dancing Out in Space | How Does the Grass Grow? | (You Will) Set the World on Fire | You Feel So Lonely You Could Die | Heat

Verdict: An album that perhaps only the fans, retro-lovers and older generation would appreciate. One which most young Malaysians would likely say it’s “boring” or “uncle-ish”. But fuck them, what do they know, right? It’s not my favourite from David Bowie, but it’s brilliant as well. Bowie goes back mostly to his distinctive rock style and features some rather fresh and strong sound. In fact, it’s the heaviest and most upbeat album I’ve ever heard from him. It kicks off with the titular track to loudly announce his come back before songs with complex, thought-provoking, story-telling lyrics. This is a great comeback by the rock legend. Though I hope his next album won’t be produced by Tony Visconti yet again.

Favourite track: “Where Are We Now?” – Although this song is probably just about him about reminiscing his Berlin era, the emotions projected by the ballad is so powerful, I was convinced that I, too, should ask myself the question – where am I now? The climax builds up to a romantic closure, which his ex-wife didn’t appreciate.

Least favourite: “Heat” – A very dark, mournful, awfully slow song to end the album. It certainly reminds me of Nirvana’s Something in the Way. Also, the lyrics are too deep for me to truly understand (yes, I’m not very bright ha-ha!).

Rating: 4 / 5

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