Dislocated big toe; treatment at Sunway Medical Centre

X-ray dislocated big toe distal interphalangeal joint

Approximately a month and a half ago, I dislocated the big toe of my right foot while playing futsal. They call it a distal interphalangeal joint.

Here’s the cause of it: like a brave idiot, I went challenging an opposing player who already had his leg raised back for a powerful strike. He swung his foot while I was attempting to clear the ball away, both feet collided and I felt it right away.

Yes, it was a bit painful in the first few seconds after the contact, of course, then probably ’cause I was in shock, it went numb. It was the first time I had ever dislocated any bone so naturally I started panicking. I was like, “fuuuuuck noooooo I’m still too young to quit sports like this!”

Immediately I started hopping off the futsal pitch and I asked my friend to drive me to the closest hospital around, which turned out to be Sunway Medical Centre, one of a few that’s famous for being a bit more expensive than other hospitals. I was brought in from the emergency exit. I told the nurse I’m not sure if it’s an emergency but she attended me as one anyway. Very kind, very friendly, I was impressed by their attitude.

Here’s the process: sat on the wheel chair, filled up a form, waited on the bed in the emergency area, went for x-ray scan, went back to the bed, waited some more, doctor came showing the x-ray scans and telling me what he’d be doing to “reduce the dislocation”, waited a bit more, brought to an operation room, doctor gave some scary injection to make the toe numb but didn’t promise that it’d be 100% painless, right after that he pulled the toe back in position. The resetting took less than a minute and yet I still managed to yell a few “pain, pain, pain” like a pussy. He finished off by wrapping my foot up with a metal plate that’s supposed to support and prevent further damage should there be any impactful contact. But it’s useless ’cause the plate can be easily bent. I could shape it into a toy car if I wanted to. Hence after wearing it for only a day, I removed it.

Sunway Medical Centre bill receipt

The bill was expensive as expected. The emergency department alone charged RM103.00! Now you know why they’re so nice and friendly. If it wasn’t because of the emergency attention, it would’ve been lesser than 280 bucks.

They told me to come back for consultation after a week and I did. The toe was still swollen and a bit painful  when I bend it so the doctor advised me not to play sports for another two weeks. Gave me some gel to relief the aches (Perskindol), more “papaya pills” to reduce the swelling and billed me another 70 bucks, motherfucker…

Today, after more than a month since revisiting the doctor, the swelling still hasn’t fully subsided. Although I can run and jump now but when I try to bend or stretch it to its limit, I can still feel something’s blocking, and it hurts a bit. I’m gonna give it another month to see if it’d still be like this, and if it is, I’d have to get a second opinion.

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  1. missyblurkit

    No good! Seek a second opinion! Learnt it the hard way after my ATV crash. First hospital claims I am OK but one month later we learn that I actually have hairline fracture on my left leg which because I was not treated earlier on has led to some nasty injuries months later.

  2. Anonymous

    Consultation with medication for your 2nd visit RM70 is consider cheap. Even clinic charge RM50 -_-"

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