Legend FC 11: Koji Ando, Li Jing Liang, Ji Xian new champs

Legend FC 11 Malaysia 2013 Chin Woo Stadium Kuala Lumpur KL

Legend Fighting Championship‘s debut in Malaysia opened with the bout between Rocky Lee from Chinese Taipei and local fighter Hanif bin Zainal. Yes, there was a mistake in my earlier writeup, it wasn’t Sam versus Hanif, the poster had misled me. Anyway, Lee won after the referee put a questionable stop to the fight on “technical arm bar submission” basis even though Hanif didn’t tap nor did his arm break. When Hanif complained, the referee explained that his arm was going to pop. Personally, I thought it was a poor, poor stoppage too.

On the main card, we saw Koji Ando becoming the new Legend Lightweight Champion by TKO injury after his opponent Jadamba Narantungalag landed awkwardly on a take down and broken/dislocated his ankle. Chinese Li Jian Liang replaced Bae Myung Ho, who’s now in South Korean national service, as the new Legend Welterweight Champion after defeating the other top contender from New Zealand, Luke Jumeau, with a standing guillotine choke in the 3rd round. In the Legend Bantamweight Championship bout, the audience was thrilled by how Agustin Delarmino Jr. got dominated in every discipline by the seemingly bigger and more aggressive Ji Xian, almost falling off from the ring a few times in the 1st round before Ji Xian locked the arm bar.

The most entertaining fight of the evening for me came from the undercard bout between the aggressive New Zealander, Kai Kara-France, and the very technical Mongolian, Danaa Batgerel, which the latter won by unanimous judges decision. The most impressive finish was definitely Hideto Tatsumi‘s impressive transitioned arm bar submission against Gareth Ealey. However, the highlight of the whole event for the home crowd was, perhaps, when Malaysian Sam Chan earned his first Legend win in the 2nd round with a rear naked choke submission against his Indonesian opponent, Gugun Gusman.

Legend FC 11 was held on 27 April last Saturday at Chin Woo Stadium KL with approximately a thousand spectators present for the main card (the undercard bouts started during dinner time with only two mini food stalls outside). It was quite an unusual experience for the fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) as the announcing was done in two languages (English and Cantonese), the fights were in a ring instead of a cage and inconsistent refereeing.

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  1. HenRy LeE

    I agree with the inconsistent refereeing on some of the bouts and they should have made the part outside the rope softer for the fighters to land on instead of landing the head or their backs on something solid.

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