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Olympus Has Fallen 2013 film movie review medium size

Release date in Malaysia: 22 March 2013
Rated: 18
Genre: Action thriller
Running Time: 120 minutes
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Rick Yuen

Synopsis: “When The White House (Secret Service Code: “OLYMPUS”) is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the president is kidnapped, disgraced former presidential guard mike banning finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the white house, save the president, and avert an even bigger disaster” (Rainfilm/GSC)

Verdict: This is 80% like the first Die Hard film, but I can’t say it’s a bad thing today ’cause even the latest sequel of Die Hard isn’t anything close to being its own. Olympus Has Fallen reminds us of how typical Hollywood action flicks were used to be: fun and enjoyable despite the cliches, familiar plot, cheesy dialogues, predictability, corniness, unrealistic shooting scenes, American propaganda and huge flaws. Yes, I can name a few more titles that have major similarities to this film but at least it’s sufficiently entertaining and somewhat engaging. One which action junkies could appreciate. Strong performance by Gerard Butler too. Unfortunately, the plot holes are just as strong (please refer to the spoiler section below).

Second opinion: “Nice, I liked it but some parts don’t really make sense though” (Iris Loong).

Malaysian censorship: Badly, badly, censored, causing much frustration at the cinema. Almost every single line with the vulgarity are chopped off completely along with the picture. There are even two to three times where they cut off the entire line except the F-word.

Rating: 3 / 5

[SPOILER SECTION BEGINS HERE]—————————————————————-

Black acting president? Pretty obvious that they’re either trying to say that they take Obama as a temporary solution, or that Obama won’t be able to handle the North Korean situation.

Noticeable plot holes: The car that the president and the first lady are in barely hangs on from falling off the bridge: bodyguards and secret service agents too stupid to sit on the boot or something to prevent it the weight of the front to pull down the vehicle, and instead, saves the president to remove even more weight off the back. Koreans can simply fly into the United States and take over the White House in 13 minutes: no further explanation needed. A traitor agent is sent to go after Mike (Gerard Butler), the protagonist, but gets defeated and is forced to make a false report that Mike’s dead, but Mike kills him after anyway: How come the supposedly intelligent villain never wonders why his American traitor doesn’t return to the bunker? The villain activates the Cerebus, a secret system designed to shut down nuclear missiles, to detonate the missiles: why would shutting them down ’cause them to detonate and even if that’s the case, why would they create such a thing and not to mention with a remote timer?! Mike saves the president and all lives in America by himself but isn’t shown to be honoured in anyway at the end of the film.

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  1. 小影

    Malaysia cinema just love to cut off a lot scenes, even though they put it as 18++, they still cut it, can't understand what's the point of putting that useless 18++ sign…

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, Tony, I was wondering if the screening that you watch, does the English subtitle completed covered by Chinese/Malay subtitles on top of it whenever they speak in Korean?

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