Annoying tweets about GE13 that’re hard to ignore

I’ve no idea who this person is and I’m not gonna reveal her name or face. I just wish to respond to all those who think similarly.

The fact is over 50% of those who voted in the 13th General Election chose PR instead of BN and yet BN retained power. So in that sense, the voice of majority was actually not heard. On top of that, the mainstream media has always been manipulated by the government. You call this true democracy? Think again.

And the reason why they got the current wave is because the police attacked us in Bersih rallies (including an innocent hospital), BN made our rights to demonstrate illegal, PM Najib went off to oversea during the rally and their mainstream media covered little truth, with some fabricated. I know ’cause I was there. The taste of tear gas is hard to forget. How the heck you know if PR are capable of governing or not when they’ve never been given a chance to prove you wrong yet?

Yes, BN did sort of build it maybe, but ever since PM Najib took over (without having us electing him previously), the federal government debt has increased to almost RM500 billion. PR are indeed a huge question mark, but I thought anyone with rational thinking would’ve preferred a question mark over a leader who’s already failed.

Wow, you expect an immediate positive or negative impact right after the elections? Sudah ubah you pun tak rasa lah. Tax increased, tau? Tolls increased, tau? Petrol increased, tau? Federal government debt increased, tau? For your sake, I hope the crime rate don’t increase as well.

Tell that to your beloved PM, mainstream media and BN’s racist cybertroopers.

Only to you maybe. But to many others who traveled outstation to vote, this was a considerate decision.

What’s an honest politician doing in a dishonest party? Why does a honest politician choose to work with a party that has a president who cheated on his wife? Let’s say if he won and the government wants to plant Lynas or use cyanide for something in Kampar (just saying), do you think he could stop that even if he wanted to? What justifies you to think that the other candidate wouldn’t do a better job? Were you ever a Kampar citizen?

With BN members behaving inappropriately themselves, what makes you think the successors they breed would be any better? What’s wrong with older leaders if they have experience, still can do their job well and don’t cheat on their wives?

And why would it be a problem? Because you choose to believe everything the BN-UMNO-controlled media said?

And what are BN good at? Fear-mongering ads? At least Tony Pua dares to be in debates, the PM you elected doesn’t.

If you educated yourself about the gerrymandering, the 700+ constitution amendments, the mal-apportionment and the geographical disproportionality in Malaysia, you’d probably have a different opinion (there’s a summary here). Also, he spent millions on advertising and had all mainstream media to publish whatever he wants. If all that was taken away, then maybe you could say he went through a tough challenge, which he wouldn’t had won.

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  1. Mr Lonely

    totally agreed what you said..
    sometimes we can't really blame them for believing whatever the local media said…

    eh wait, we believed what the opposition said too? LOL~

  2. Post
  3. HenRy LeE

    Opposition lack of good young blood yet hannah yeoh and bee yin yeoh won against BN and then she claimed that they only good in making hoo hah. What the fuck is she trying to say? She has no diff with BN dogs, trying to tell Chinese ppl that hudud will be implement and then DAP will take over PAS to Muslim community. Barisan Nasional has won the election yet there's no MCA and MIC leader on the stage celebrating the winning along with najib. That's what u called 1MALAYSIA? 1BULLSHIT weih

  4. Anonymous

    Hullo, all of you, you talk about freedom of speech and yet you condemn people whop choose to side the BN. Freedom of speech means what, anyone is entitle to their own believe and thought lah!!!!!!!!

  5. Ken Chee

    hahahaha……what a nice post from her.
    To the anonymous. The blogger is just saying how badly the brainwashing to the people and the mainstream media is control by the ruling party that's all. She can post anything and talk whatever she wants. The blogger just want to point out the problem how the influence people by mass propaganda with mainstream media. Read post neutrally and think from different perspective ya.

  6. Post

    @Anonymous As the title says, these tweets are too difficult to ignore. They're so untrue that even neutrals would be triggered to respond with some sense into them. If the people can't know the truth, there will never be true democracy.

  7. Anonymous

    The person tweeting those untrue statements obviously knows they are untrue, but still trying hard to convince herself that they are. I'm surprised that she even knows how to use tweeter because from her behavior, she appears to think and act like the old farts that she's condeming. And judging from her opinions, it seems that she's only been exposed to Utusan and TV3 propaganda by her beloved Ajib Kor. Let me guess, she belongs to the rural category, where her grandson or grand daughter just bought her a new smartphone to play with…and she just discovered Twitter and learned how to use it…lol

  8. HenRy LeE

    Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom to spill out stupidity based on own opinion without doing research. Go to each of every candidates ceramah and u will know the difference immediately…

  9. Anonymous

    Can u share with me other states who doesnt use their mainstream media for their mind setting agenda?

  10. Post

    @Anonymous You think every state has their own mainstream media? Please know that when I say mainstream media, it's the TV channels, most radio channels and the newspapers.

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