Dark day for Malaysia

We knew the election wasn’t gonna be fair
It wasn’t even fair before the polling day.
So we sort of knew that there’s no way that the fat fuck would’ve lost.
But the hope and optimism we had overwhelmed us.
The evil would’ve ran away if we had a chance.
The cruel and corrupt have won again.
It’s heartbreaking.
But are we gonna accept this as a clean & fair result?

Some of us probably feel that we didn’t do enough this election.
Well at least, I don’t.
I still have close friends that didn’t even bother registering yet.
The people in the rural areas were not educated enough.
Friends in the urban areas still vote for the cheaters despite knowing everything.
And most of us didn’t expect that they’d use the blackout and extra ballots tactic again.
Let’s not even start with the police and election committee.

What can we do now?
Continue the fight for change.
Attend Bersih 4.0 rally that will definitely come & invite more people along than the last time.
Tweet, Facebook and blog about our discontent.
Now, I’m just gonna go out shopping just to show that I’m wearing black,
as today, 6th of May 2013, is Malaysia’s Blackout Day.
We want to show that we protest the result of this unfair & unclean, dirty, dirty, election.
But stay alert, they’d definitely wish to enforce laws to silent us on social media as well.

For now, just to make ourselves feel better,
let’s stop buying the papers (like The Star, Utusan, etc.),
let’s stop listening to the radio (as I did for more than 10 years),
let’s not ever go to Petron at all,
and if possible, unsubscribe Astro (except the Sports channels perhaps).
If they could lose most of the votes in urban areas, we definitely could hurt their pockets a bit.

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  1. missyblurkit

    Totally screwed up but hard as they try to manipulate they still failed the two third majority and certainly did worse off than the last elections in 2008.

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