MIMMA Semi Finals 2013 | Recap & results

Allen Chong  vs. Zeus Lim in MIMMA semi finals paradigm

The semi finals of the first ever all-Malaysian MMA tournament, Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA), was held publicly yesterday inside Paradigm Mall (very much like how Mayhem 2 was held at Sunway Pyramid a couple of years ago). All the fighters were amateurs with some participating in an MMA tourney for the first time in their life. Even though all the bouts were amateur fights, some of them were pretty entertaining, especially to the huge crowd at the shopping complex. The techniques weren’t good and practically not much of tactics but the fighters sure shown courage, heart, adaptability and strength.

Only 3 things I didn’t really like or agree with here: the shin pads, the thicker gloves and the out-loud commentary. Stricter rules to limit dangerous blows, I could understand, but the shin pads and the thicker gloves might had given a slight defensive and psychological advantage for grapplers against strikers. I also felt that the live commentary was like having a poker game where all players can hear the commentator telling what cards their opponents are having.

Peter Davis cornering Kenny Yap at MIMMA semi finals paradigm

Other than that, this whole tournament is just fantastic. Great opportunity for amateurs to gain experience, and the sport to gain awareness. This was exactly how I found MMA before falling in love with it, from watching a tourney in a mall (Mayhem 2), and I’m sure with this and the MIMMA reality TV shows being broadcasted, the sport will capture more new local fans like myself.

The MIMMA Ring Girl Search came to an end yesterday as well with Lisha Ho and Merveen Tan crowned as the winners. Both of these hot stuffs will be officially working the ring cards at the MIMMA Grand Finals that will be happening at Stadium Negara on the 15th of June (tickets available for sale on airasiaredtix.com). On top of that, each of them gets cash prize of RM5,000 and will be featured in an issue of FHM Malaysia magazine.

MIMMA Ring Girl Search winners Lisha Ho and Merveen Tan with Felixia Yeap & christine hallauer

MIMMA 2013 Semi Finals Results

Ngeoh Jian Chong (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Julian Lee
Kenny Yap (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Muhd Faizal

Prabu Somanaidu (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Arthur Kah Bowie
Muhd Aiman (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Bryan Lim

Muhd Ikram (winner by TKO in the 1st round – punches) vs. Mohd Khairul Annuar
Keanu Subba (winner by submission in the 1st round – rear naked choke) vs. Naimul Amal

Sharma Chandran (winner by submission in the 1st round – triangle choke) vs. Chew Chee Hui
Allen Chong (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Zeus Lim

Ooi Aik Tong (winner by submission in the 1st round – rear naked choke) vs. Rezza Azim
Chew Chee Chan (winner by unanimous decision) vs. Teh Kah Wei

Hafiz Chandran (winner by TKO in the 1st round – punches) vs. Jack Cheang
Jim Chong (winner by submission in the 1st round – standing guillotine choke) vs. Irfan Rizain

Adrian Than (winner by TKO in the 3rd round – arm bar) vs. Mohd Fitri Abdul Jalil
Mohd Norshaiful (winner by submission in the 1st round – standing rear naked choke) vs. Christopher Leow

BEST FIGHT: Muhd Aiman vs. Bryan Lim

Muhd Aiman  vs. Bryan Lim

Not sure why the crowd hated Bryan Lim so much that they boo-ed him even before the bout began. Maybe they disliked the referee stoppage in his previous fight, perhaps they felt that he abused the rules by rolling on the ground in his fights knowing that he won’t get kicked or kneed, or probably just ’cause he looked like spoiled brat. He even stuck out his tongue during the fight when he’s struggling on the ground (bet he got that from Arnaud Lepont). Even though he was clearly outclassed by Aiman and practically had himself constantly beaten up till his nose started bleeding badly (apparently fractured), he showed heart, didn’t give up and finished all three rounds even though all he could do when standing was the spinning back fist and hook combo. It was a thrilling match ’cause the majority were rooting for Aiman to finish Bryan off while I was hoping that Bryan could turn it around with a good leg lock attempt.

BEST FINISH: Sharma Chandran’s triangle choke vs. Chew Chee Hui

Sharma Chandran's triangle choke vs. Chew Chee Hui in MIMMA semi finals paradigm

The fight started very quickly with both of them going at each other recklessly aggressive. Chandran was in trouble first with Chew pulling a quick submission attempt which was defended well. Somehow Chandran managed to get his opponent into his guard before calmly transitioning it to a triangle choke. Chew tapped not long after. It was the only successful triangle attempt of the entire day. Initially I thought the shin pads made it impossible to do.

MOST IMPRESSIVE FIGHTERS OF THE DAY: Prabu “Superman” Somanaidu & Keanu Subba

Prabu Somanaidu vs. Arthur Kah Bowie in MIMMA semi finals paradigm

“Superman” used his range, jabs, footwork and low kicks very well to control the whole of his fight against Arthur Bowie. Keanu Subba, brother of ONE FC fighter Gianni Subba, finished off his opponent skillfully and seemingly effortlessly with a rear naked choke early in the first round. I believe he got the finish in all his fights so far right? Anyway, they both looked fearless natural talents.

Felixia Yeap sexy cleavage upskirt at MIMMA semi finals paradigm

Not quite sure what kind photo my girlfriend was trying to take here but I’m not complaining. Would’ve loved to hear Felixia Yeap answering the Ring Girl Search questions instead of just being the one asking.

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  1. HenRy LeE

    Not sure if you heard how Felixia was chosen as ONE FC ring girl, her answer was Oh I was chosen from my Facebook page. LOL

    I wish to see more exciting fights at the finals 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Bryan was awesome. For TV, that is. Everyone needs a 'villain' to add more drama. This leverages off Aiman's underdog status. I believe he (Aiman) was a crowd favourite. The finals is going.to.be.EPIC! get your tickets at airasia redtix! I already bought mine! (got discount coz im a Tune Talk sub!)

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