Vote for change this Sunday GE13

Vote For Change GE13 Malaysia 505 Ubah

There is no free and fair elections.
There is no free and fair mainstream media.
Went for a peaceful rally to demand for that, did nothing but walking and chanting… and they attacked us.
No one can forget the taste of tear gas.
Hundreds to thousands were arrested for participating or just wearing a yellow top.
I, too, was almost arrested for walking away from the attacks. I wasn’t even wearing anything yellow.
Many others were either roughed up or beaten up for valid reason at all.
The hospital we ran into to hide from them but they fired into the hospital as well. Clearly no reason to do so.
Then they tried to cover up the incident until the nurses and doctors became witnesses.
The news on the mainstream media were either fabricated or just not reporting accordingly.
This is a fact, I can vouch for this as I was there with the tens of thousands.
We sang, we smiled, we ran, we suffered, truly as one.

A year later, after having no responses to our demands for free and fair elections, another demonstration was held.
I didn’t go with just one friend this time, many others joined me, even those who were once non-believers.
During the rally, we were separated, the communications were jammed and they attacked the people again.
And of course, they manipulated the media and denied everything like the last time.
If it wasn’t for Facebook and YouTube, I wouldn’t have known how much worse it was on the other side of the rally.
And then they tried to enforce laws on social media.
If BN retains power, we can be sure that more laws on the internet will be secretly passed. Then we’d have to wave goodbye to our only space where we had genuine freedom of speech.

Racism, bad education, lies, crimes, incompetent police, corruptions, rising debts, oppression, double standards, dirty politics, mysterious deaths, injustice… enough is enough!
If you plan to vote for any BN candidate, I urge you to reconsider.
You may like him/her, you may know the person personally, you might be getting peer pressure, or you probably dislike the opposition’s candidate, but look at the bigger picture, please.
Think for the future, for the children and for those who died and received no justice.
To me, any vote for BN, is a support for cruelty, false democracy and the downfall of Malaysia.
There is no reason for not giving the question mark a chance.

Don’t just sit around and complain.
Don’t wait till something happens to you or your loved ones.
Don’t be intimidated or be fed of lies by BN.
This might be the only chance so let’s make it count, let’s make history, let’s vote for a better Malaysia.
Vote for change!
Ini kalilah!

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  1. HenRy LeE

    With all the commotion going on with our local and foreign EC, it's going to be a tough fight…. now the indelible ink. Hopefully there's really going to be a fair election this 5-5

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