Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party 2013 | Recap & review

carlsberg where's the party IV 2013 lineup group photo

WTP Asia 2013 in Malaysia not as epic as previous instalments but still a decent night out

If you’re a party-goer or a young Carlsberg fan in Malaysia, you’d likely know about Where’s The Party? (WTP) by now. Those who’ve been to the preceding editions of WTP may probably say that this fourth instalment was only “okay” or just simply disappointing. Nobody I know would compliment by saying that it was “epic” or “fucking awesome”. But why? Did the Party actually suck? Well, the answer’s simply yes and no. It’s difficult to just tell you based on “overall”, if there’s even such a thing at all for events like this. So read on.

Entrance of Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

Where’s the Party IV Asia was held on July 6th 2013 at the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) in the state of Selangor. For the first time, the meeting point itself was where the Party was. Initially, when the few bloggers and myself arrived, we were still wondering where the Party’s actually gonna be because in the previous occasions, the attendees were only informed about where the meeting point was and had buses to transit everyone from there to the secret location. There was a transit this time as well, but only from the car park to another area within the same place.

Metal detector entrance of at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

The theme was jet plane so as we entered the Party, there were mock metal detectors with the stewardesses checking the attendees’ bodies. But even after entering the area, we were still confused and wondering if we’d be transited to elsewhere. I’ve to admit, I was very disappointed to find out that MAEPS itself was the venue of WTP IV. After being informed that it’d only be a one-day event without hotel accommodation like the first WTP and last year’s, I believe most of the attendees were only hoping that it’d be better than WTP II, which was held at the Carlsberg Brewery in Shah Alam in 2011 (if my memory serves me right). blogger Tony Teh at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia
WTP II which happened just 6 months after the first ever WTP was very carnival-like. There were hot air balloon ride, mini-pirate ship ride, multiple carnival games, point-system with prizes to giveaway and many more other stuffs which made it a fun outing despite the little rain. In this year’s WTP, there were new party games instead – Loud Ludo, Marshall Matters, No-Sight Flight, Turbalance and Safety Slides. There was also the mobile site created for the for the attendees to socialise, post on their social media channels and to take on the “Be Bold” challenges to win passes to the global WTP featuring Axwell that’ll be happening in Europe but unfortunately, the mobile site wasn’t able to function properly on Blackberry so I was completely left out on this activity. Apparently it didn’t work out for some non-Blackberry users as well. The only two things that were brought back from previous WTP‘s were the foot massage and the i-Darts, two of which that had the most people queuing up for actually. If I were to compare the extra activities department, I would have to say that I liked WTP II‘s more. The reason why I’m only comparing these two instalments is ’cause I wasn’t at the first WTP and i-Darts was the only noticeable game to me in last year’s WTP III.

Game platforms at at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

Now let’s talk about the food a bit. After last year’s WTP, I was actually expecting good foods or at least a similar set-up of food stalls but unfortunately for this time there were only simple readily made common foods (mee hoon, nasi lemak, Ramli burger, nuggets, satay) that had gone cold by the time it got there. The satays were long gone by the time I came out of the press conference and it wasn’t restocked. However, I saw comments on Carlsberg’s Facebook Page saying that the post-party “lok lok” (steamboat) supper was actually “the best thing of the entire night”. Well too bad I didn’t stay till then, I guess. The best thing for me, besides the free flow of course, was the stewardesses. Must be the sexy uniform.

Party Zone MAEPS hall at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

The doors opened for the 3,000 attendees at around 6pm and the performances in the hall started at around 8pm with local superstar comedian Douglas Lim entertaining everyone with his most popular act that even I wasn’t bored of yet. The artist lineup, as you can see from the photo up top, were Nine Lives, Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia, Korean Pop dance group Sweety, DJ Inquisitive, DJ Miss Nine who hails from Germany, DJs Clazz and Ming Ming.

DJ Miss Nine is such a beautiful woman. My goodness… just look at that face. What a pretty face! Hands down the best looking music performer of the night.

DJ Miss Nine at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

The Korean female dance group, on the other hand, was not as eye-catching as last year’s group, Love Cubic. When all they do are dancing and lip syncing to other people’s songs, they’ve got to look hotter and show more skin than this. But oh well, at least it ain’t an annoying Korean boy band.

Korean dance group Sweety at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

The setup of the stage was all right, nothing overly fancy. Great lighting works. The white balloons with LED’s on the ceiling were pretty cool although a bunch of them fell down. I also loved how spacious the hall was despite having large crowd. The sound management for non-DJ performers, however, was a bit poor. I dunno if it was only where I was standing but when the cover band 9 Lives was playing, I couldn’t hear the live vocals clearly and when the bassist played his solo (slapping the strings and all), it couldn’t be heard at all. When the rappers (sorry, don’t know which ones are their names) rap, I couldn’t hear a single word clearly but in this case, I’m sure if it was the performers’ fault or the mic and sound system’s.

Malaysian band 9 Lives performing on Party Zone indoor stage of MAEPS hall C at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

There’s this new Drink Responsibly initiative which, perhaps, forced the free flow to end at 10pm and the performances to finish by 1-ish. The latter was probably due to a rule enforced by the government but I don’t agree with ending the free flow that early ’cause I feel that it’d only make the people drink faster and hence even more likely to get drunk. Taxis were only on standby after 11.30pm but the event staffs were at the car park exit to ensure that the early leavers like myself weren’t too intoxicated to drive home safely. I left after making use of the beer coupon that was given out to redeem a one last beer after the free flow ended. I would’ve stayed if the music acts after 10pm weren’t just DJ’s but I can’t complain ’cause majority of party-goers have the same taste. It’s a democratic country… right?

T-shirts were given out at the entrance but I left mine under the table and totally forgotten about it. They should’ve given them out when people were leaving instead of when they were entering. It’s kinda troublesome to carry it around while drinking, dancing and fooling around. I like the design though. Thankfully a fellow blogger and friend spare me one of the few he found lying around at the end of the event.

Stewardesses at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

When I was queuing up for the foot massage, I actually overheard the people behind me saying that they feel the Party this time’s a bit “pariah” and that their friends have already left at 7pm. Later on I found out that some of the bloggers that I know have already left too. On Carlsberg’s Facebook Page, most people complained about why there wasn’t Headhunter in the lineup as promised but I can’t relate to that issue ’cause I’ve no idea who Headhunter is. Some went as far as saying that WTP 2013 was cheap and a complete epic fail. You know what, these people were just too harsh and were taking free flow events for granted. What other party they went to recently that was so much better than this, I wonder?

Beer cans at Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 (WTP IV) in Malaysia

Yes, Where’s the Party IV has indeed “jatuh standard” (dropped standard) a bit on this occasion but if we don’t compare it with the previous WTP‘s, it was still a good event. And with the right people and a few hours of free flow, it’s quite difficult to actually have a bad experience at any party at all.

The question here is whether or not Carlsberg Malaysia could top the previous WTP‘s or at least meet the expectations of those who’ve been to the first three instalments. And if they managed to organise a better event than the best WTP we had thus far (which many felt the first one was by far the best), will the instalment after that be able to follow and maintain the high level of epicness? As a fan of Carlsberg and WTP, I really hope they could. The bar they set was too damn high.

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  1. HenRy LeE

    there were actually beach games during WTP3 but thanks to the bus driver who took a longer route and also the waiting time to depart that we missed the entire evening game session and left the iDart thingy… lol

  2. Ivan Chan

    "Did the Party actually suck?"

    In 1935 Erwin Schrodinger, in an attempt to explain the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Physics, he proposed an experiment where a cat is placed in a box with a sealed vial of poison that will break open at a random time.Now, since no one knows when or if the poison has been released, until the box is opened, the cat can be thought as both alive and dead.

    Just like Schrodinger's cat, the WTP can be thought of as both good and bad. It is only by opening the box that you will find out which it is.

  3. j_fish

    I think the second one was worse than this one. We didn't get to try out iDarts because when we went over around 8pm, the"stewardess" said it's closed, and yet when I came out from the hall quite long after that, people were still there. =/

    They actually did refill on the food. I was near the food tables and they cooked the food just behind the hall.

  4. Post

    @Kelvin I was standing slightly behind. Plus she's already tall and had high heels on.

    @Henry Oh yeah, thanks for reminding. But some people said the games were still on until at night? I didn't see any of it at all.

    @Ivan Wow, what a long interpretation of "go find out yourself lah" haha

    @j_fish Before I left, I went back to the spread tables but there still wasn't any satays restocked. I guess they were only refilling the nasi lemak and mee hoon?

  5. hall in los angeles

    Hi would you mind letting me know which hosting company you're working with? I've loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a fair price? Thanks, I appreciate it!

  6. dannie

    This is my first WTP and I don't find it interesting. Been to greater events and all but I do not have a high expectation on this to begin with.

    I stayed on till the second band performance and I felt the first two bands are like the typical bar/pub bands – good vocal but too normal perhaps?

    I enjoyed Douglas Lim's performance and it was the performance that kept me around for the 2 bands but I was left disappointed.

    As for the food part, I dont mind spending money like I did at the Future Music Festival as long as the food is good.

    Maybe I was never a fan of Carlsberg to begin with? All the best in the upcoming WTP tho.

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