Interview with Marc Marcellinus prior ONE FC 11: Total Domination

Marc Marcellinus ONE FC MMA Sabah Malaysia

Marc Marcellinus of Sabah Malaysia ready for his ONE FC debut against Singapore’s Stephen Langdown.

Originally part of the Dusun tribe in Tambunan, Sabah, Marc Marcellinus grew up in a logging village in the jungle, where his father went hunting for food for the village. The Dusun were the indigenous people of the area now considered East Malaysia and live within the lush forests that occupy Sabah and Sarawak. Marcellinus learnt how to hunt for food from his father, who was one of the best hunters in the village. Conditions were hard and Marcellinus was groomed from a young age to be tough.

Marcellinus lost his father to a car accident and his mother to cancer while still a child. He was thrust into independence and had to mature quickly or suffer. After years of hard work and dedication, he is poised to realise a childhood dream when he competes in ONE Fighting Championship this coming Friday.

Although the weigh-ins for ONE FC 11: Total Domination is right around the corner, the kind man was willing to take time to respond to my e-interview questions…

Tell us more about your life before MMA.

Before MMA, life was basically just work, which I too love doing. I teach kick boxing in AllFit, just making enough to get through every month.

Tell us more about your martial arts background. How did you get into martial arts and MMA? 

I used to train Silat Kuntau at a very young age but growing up, I first picked up Karate. That’s where I met my friend/bro/training partner, Rayner, who’ll be cornering me (in my coming fight). I picked up kickboxing when I was studying in UITM. From there, the love for martial arts grew until now.

Silat Kuntau is not typically practiced in MMA, do you think possessing its skills will give you an advantage in MMA?

More or less… I was very young when I learnt Kuntau, but somehow I’m sure that it does help.

Which internationally well-known martial artist or MMA fighter do you look up to the most?

I would say GSP (Georges St-Pierre), for the sole reason that he never stops learning, and learning, ’bout martial arts… that I can relate. It’s a never-ending journey with martial arts, (there’s) always new things to learn.

Who do you think is the most talented MMA fighter representing Malaysia right now?

I would say Melvin Yeoh and Adam Kayoom.

Now let’s talk about your coming debut. Tell us just how much you know about your opponent Stephen Langdown and what is your game plan going into this fight?

That he is VERY young… and I am mature 🙂 not old… meaning… I have better and more experience. My game plan is to put up a good show and prove that we Kadazan Dusun ethnic group in Sabah don’t live on trees 🙂

To be having a debut in Singapore against a local is tough. Do you think the home crowd in the stadium will affect your performance? How do you intend to overcome it?

No, it won’t. It’s just gonna be me and Langdown in that cage, period

What or who do you fight for? Who are you dedicating this coming fight to?

I dedicate this to both my deceased parents… I wish they were here to witness this… That’s all I can say.

Marc Marcellinus ONE FC MMA Sabah Malaysia

Five years from now, where do you think you’d be in this sport?

MMA is growing, its growing really fast indeed. I’m sure I’d be somewhere fighting or training my own armies of MMA fighters by then 🙂

Thank you and all the best in your coming fight!


Catch Malaysia’s Marc Marcellinus versus Singapore’s Stephen Langdown at ONE FC: Total Domination this Friday October 18th in Singapore. Tickets, if still available, can be ordered online here or if you’re a Malaysian and you can’t make the trip, we can watch the live broadcast of the preliminary card on ONE FC’s YouTube channel, and the main card on Astro ESPN Starsports.

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