A weekend of Arthurs Day, New Ford Fiesta & Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion

All-American Rejects on stage at Guinness Arthurs Day 2013 Malaysia

Some of you probably already know what I was up to last weekend through my Instagram or Twitter. I’ve been extremely busy and mentality exhausted with my business and family and all, so apologies, I won’t have the time to do one long detailed writeup for each and every one of the outings anymore if multiple events happen on the same damn weekend.

So anyway, it was GuinnessArthur’s Day Malaysia 2013 last Friday night. I hardly attend any typical music events that take place at Sepang Race Circuit due to the longer distance, expensive tolls and my disinterest with what the events have to offer. Heck, I wasn’t even interested in the previous Arthur’s Days. But this time, simply because they sort of went against the local trend and had two rock artists over, I was absolute pleased to take the trouble to attend it.

Five for Fighting at Arthurs Day Malaysia 2013

Who, from my generation, wouldn’t know songs like Superman and Swing, Swing, Swing? That’s right, Five For Fighting and All-American Rejects were the rock bands that took centre stage, playing to a not-that-big crowd (because it’s not a free or exclusive event, you know how we Malaysians are). I’m not a fan of theirs but what the heck, it’s probably the only alcohol branding gig that I won’t get annoyed by DJ or K-Pop nonsense. Anyway, I thought All-American Rejects’ performance was quite electrifying. Five For Fighting’s vocals was consistent but all of his songs were too similar. I left the scene as soon as headliner boy band The Wanted (zzZZzz) came on. I thought Guinness got it right this time if they were targeting both teens and young adults. I, too, had a pretty good time as well, listening to nostalgic numbers while enjoying Guinness Stout. To Arthur! Rock on. Get David Bowie and Foo Fighters over here next year please.

Car models of New Ford Fiesta launch in Taylor's Subang Malaysia

On Saturday, it was a joint event between Ford Malaysia and Hitz.fm at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus in Subang. The beautiful New Ford Fiesta was unveiled and celebrated its launch right there and then. The stylish car drives into the spotlight with a bold new exterior, ergonomically designed interior and upgraded smart technologies, including Ford’s hands-free in-car connectivity system SYNC, and powered by the global 1.5-litre petrol Ti-VCT engine paired with the PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift. It’s now available for booking in Ford showrooms nationwide, with an introductory price of only RM86,988. A pretty good price, I’d say, for a gorgeous, reliable foreign vehicle like this one. Think I could probably get myself a few more girlfriends if this was my ride (just kiddin’).

They Will Kill Us All on stage at Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion

After a pretty unusual but nice dinner prepared by Ford, I moved on to the Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion concert, that featured top local artists like Estranged (very surprised that they didn’t play their hit ballad Itu Kamu… but I’d be sick of it too if I were them), They Will Kill Us All, Pop Shuvit and headlined by this apparently very popular YouTuber called Chester See. The awesome peeps from Nuffnang/ChurpChurp, Darren Chin and Ant Koo, were kind enough to get me back stage and right in front of the crowd to meet the artists and to experience the concert closer although the invitation to this joint event wasn’t actually from them.

The concert crowd at Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion 2013

Since I was absolutely clueless about who this Chester See is, I left after local rock band They Will Kill Us All performed (pity the guitarist, no sound engineer was there to help him with the guitar jack problem he had in the entire set). The Minions made appearance on stage for a few seconds too but for no real purpose, I felt. Although the artist lineup wasn’t that impressive to me, the crowd was pretty awesome. Maybe ’cause they knew who this Chester guy is (ha-ha). For a moment I thought I wasn’t in Malaysia ’cause they were so sporting and responsive (except when They Will Kill Us All was performing ’cause it ain’t mainstream).

Minions going on stage at Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion
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  1. HenRy LeE

    They are all there for chester see, the famous youtube guy but im not a fan. Hahaha… he's just like jason chen or david choi something like that. They Will Kill Us All was an old indie band la… I'm not surprise if the crowd was supportive.

  2. Post

    Dude, I was being sarcastic but I guess I didn't indicate that well enough (ha-ha). Well They Will Kill Us All are not exactly old, the band was formed 2 years after Pop Shuvit. And surprise to only you perhaps, the crowd looked bored when they were playing. Even the organisers anticipated it and prepared beach balls to be thrown into the crowd to make it seem happening.

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