Weekend update: Donuts, GSC-HOPE update, Heineken Legendary Traveler

Homer Simpsons dreaming of love shaped donuts

I had the sudden crave for donuts since yesterday so when I was in 1 Utama just now, I went to Big Apple Donuts to hopefully get some but it seemed that the staffs were already in the weekend mood 30 minutes before their closing time as no donuts were at the counter. Those lazy buggers either kept the donuts away or already stopped making to turn away customers so that they could ease off the rest of the night

Then I realised that there actually isn’t any 24-hour donuts outlet around, or not any that I know of. Maybe that’s why Petaling Jaya seems more dangerous at night… Get it? ‘Cause our police don’t get to eat donuts 24-7 so no power at night (ha-ha).

Police cop and donuts

Remember the GSC-HOPE donation drive entry I posted here a few weeks back? Well they have recently announced that they raised a total of over RM126,000! Well done to these movie-goers, their small suffering of sitting through that not-very-good film have changed the lives of hundreds to thousands of less fortunate families. Here I give a sincere round of a virtual applause! =)

GSC-HOPE group photo

Back in August, there was this Heineken Legendary Traveler Instagram contest thingy which I was interested to attend because, as always, these kind of events always provide free food and flow, and being a typical Malaysian, who wouldn’t like that? But I had to be a participant to get an invitation, which was the reason why I started using Instagram since then. I was still a Blackberry user then so I had to have my girlfriend to “manage” the account for me and then during the event, I had to use her phone too. After all that trouble, I did get myself invited but didn’t manage to win anything from the contest. Anyway, earlier last month, 15 Malaysians won the contest of the first instalment of this Heineken campaign and they’ll be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas (eh, why no gimme? I blogger you know? ha-ha). Then for the finale, the contest will send another four Malaysians to Amsterdam for a space training camp at Space Expedition Corporation. To win this opportunity, head over to Heineken’s Facebook app here and follow the instructions.

Malaysian bloggers with Heineken

I will posting some updates from ONE FC in the coming days, most of which are already old news by now. Sorry, it’s just that the traffic for my MMA posts have not been very encouraging. Yes, I know, all you want is my movie reviews and the memes. But please do give the other subjects a chance, I’m trying to provide more things to read about, like this “weekend updates” which (hopefully) I will be posting every week from now on.

Anyway, my upcoming movie reviews should be on A Cloudy Chance for a Meatball 2 (dunno if I got the title right), Escape Plan and a foreign film which I can’t recall the title. For these updates, follow this blog on Facebook, or my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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