Movie review: MAKE YOUR MOVE (2013)

Make Your Move (Cobu) ending still

Make Your Move 2013 starring BoA movie poster large Malaysia
Also known as: Cobu 3D
Rated: P13
Genre: Indie dance romance, musical
Running Time: 110 minutes
Director-writer: Duane Adler
Cast: Kwon BoA, Derek Hough, Will Yun Lee, Izabella Miko

Synopsis: Make Your Move is a forthcoming Romeo and Juliet-inspired independent dance film about a pair of star-crossed dancers in New York who finds themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers’ underground dance clubs. Starring K-pop singer BoA and ballroom dancer Derek Hough.

Release date in Malaysia: October 17th 2013
Distributor / studios: GSC Movies / Robert Cort Productions, SM Entertainment, CJ Entertainment

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Verdict: Good looking boy meets good looking girl, both dance very well, fall in love, have sex, issues in between, finale dance, issues resolved, happy ending… Make Your Move is, as expected, nothing short being a typical chick flick-fairy tale dance film. But when compared to other recent releases of the genre, the choreography of the Taiko drumming-tap dance crossover are just not impressive enough, not to mention about the boring cinematography. The much anticipated big screen debut of Korean veteran pop star Kwon BoA is also disappoints with a cringe-worthy performance, one that even her dancing skills and cuteness cannot compensate.

Second opinion: My girlfriend thought it was not that good and boring.

On BoA’s performance in Make Your Move: 10 years ago, I was once obsessed with a Korean pop star who was same age as myself. She was extremely charming, cute, innocent and highly talented. She could sing and dance very well, she’s also very fluent in Japanese. She also proved that she could potentially be an actress after taking on a tom boy-ish, two-faced role in an episode of a Korean sitcom. I wonder what happened to this former idol of mine ’cause I certainly didn’t see her in this movie. I guess she just didn’t manage to go beyond that.

Make Your Move Cobu 3D BoA sex still

What, Make Your Move is “loosely based on Romeo & Juliet”?

How? Boy meet girls, falls in love, have sex after knowing each for just a few days, differences between two of their respective brothers and happily ever after in the end equals to Romeo and Juliet? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

What Make Your Move really about:

The protagonist (Derek Hough), who’s a convict on parole, is forced to leave the state just so that he could dance again instead of looking for a real job. He gets to New York, is attracted to an Japanese-Korean chick (BoA) by just looking at a painting of her on a wall. He’s so determined to bang this Asian chick that he defies the kind gestures of his brother, and says and behaves exactly like a white knight that most Asian girls dream of having. This Japanese-Korean chick, who is portrayed to be someone who’s still learning how to speak fluent English, speaks to her Japanese brother and friends in English, only sometimes in Japanese and Korean.

The ending of Make Your Move is social media-ly flawed:

Director-writer of this film believes that with social media, anything can go viral organically as soon as it’s uploaded. Which makes the ending a complete utter bollocks because it involves unrealistic use of social media.

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It’s being released in 3D elsewhere: I can’t imagine just how much more lame the producers can be. But why should they ever need to try harder when K-pop fans would easily spend their parents’ money on whatever’s marketed to their face? Oh well, it’s not like any girl or K-pop fan would bother about what I have to say here anyway.

Malaysian censorship: It’s a Caucasian dance film with nothing to cut at all… that’s how boring it is. Oh wait, I think I heard BoA release a F-bomb in one of the scenes, it wasn’t censored at the press screening.

Rating: 1 / 5

Kwon BoA in Golbaengi sitcom meme

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